December Holiday Party – 2009

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The party was a great success.  The food was fabulous.  If you went home hungry, it was by choice.  There was so much food.  Our guild is full of great cooks!!!

I apologize for forgetting the camera.  I was so concerned with getting everything else set up that I forgot.  There is so much going on in my head that some stuff just falls out  🙂 .  If you have pictures of quilts or anything from the evening please send it to me and I will post them.

Girl Treble were fabulous.  They were having issues with the acoustics at first.  When they move in front of the stage, the sound just reverberated throughout the hall.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was happy to see the participation in the sing-along.  It was a great night for celebration.

Hope all had a great Christmas or Hanukkah.

I wish everyone has a Happy New Year.

Cathy Harnisch