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We think it is safe to say last night’s UFO auction was a success. We pulled in over $1400! Heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who attended, bid and donated. We couldn’t have done it without you!

At the end of the night it was brought to our attention that some items were missing from some of the silent auction packages. Specifically, a white wholecloth, a pair of stork scissors, a thimble and a package of 5” squares rolled and wrapped to look like pieces of candy. Since quilters are minted out of the highest moral fabric and are world renowned as the nicest people on earth, we are 100% positive that the missing items were either picked up to be examined and accidentally replaced in the wrong pile or some such other perfectly honest mistake. So please go through your treasures and see if any of the above items found their way to your house, and either put them in the mail and address the package to Carrie Zizza 46 W. Greenwood St., Amesbury, MA  01913, or bring them to the March meeting emailing Carrie first so we now they are on their way. (carrie.zizza@verizon.net). Please be diligent when checking your winnings as these are items the successful bidders were specifically interested in when they wrote down their bids, and more importantly, items they have paid for. We are confident this issue will be resolved quickly.

As always, bid high and bid often!

Carrie Zizza and Signe Kaleel