Crazy Quilt Embellishment Class in January 2012

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For everyone that is participating in the CRAZY QUILT EMBELLISHMENT class in January please be aware that your CQ square needs to be completed prior to the class. If you need good instructions for constructing your block here is a website that can show you how.

When you are gathering the thread, laces and other items for your square feel free to make substitutions for items you may not be able to find. I will bring hard to find items with me for sale but some items are in limited supply. If there is something you really want email me at and I will try to have it for you at the class. I enjoy sharing my love for stitching with others so this class will be a lot of fun. Remember what we will be doing does not require a sewing machine all the embroidery is done be hand. So bring your needles and lets have fun stitching. See you in January!!

Susan Richards