UFO Challenge

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OK quilters….no more hiding those unfinished projects in the bottom of your “to do” pile! I know, I have them too in spite of trying to finish what I begin.  All those classes we take often result in UFO’s for whatever reason.  Now’s the time to “finish the job!”

What is a UFO? Any quilty project at least one year old that you have started (must have some cutting or sewing done by you) as of the end of December. Simply list the UFOS you’d like to complete between now and our April MVQ meeting or the quilt show.

What constitutes done? Done is completely done not just the top done. So this should mean quilting, binding, and labels on! In other words, completely done and ready to use, or give away.

For each one you complete and show – at a meeting or the quilt show- you will receive a “chit” for entry into a drawing for a $50 prize to be awarded at the June meeting.  If the UFO was started at an MVQ class….you get two chits! Fantastic huh? The cash prize is only a bonus- the real perc is getting it finished! No rules to speak of but you are only allowed one potholder or doll quilt on your UFO list!!

Here’s how:

Name: (your name)

Quilt description: (colors, size, name…however you can describe it)

Date started:

Date completed:

Sign-up must be completed by January 1, 2012

E-mail Carol Robinson the details