2013 – 2014 Comfort Quilts

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There will be a lottery at the September meeting to determine who will be our Comfort recipient this year.

Let me first apologize for my lateness in getting this posted. I haven’t transitioned from gardening to quilting mode quite yet.

Anyone wishing to submit a candidate can fill out a form at the meeting and place it in the lottery. Slips will be available at the sign in table. You will need the name of the non-profit organization, the address, the telephone number and a contact person if known. The organization must be local or a local chapter of a national non-profit. We will exclude last year’s recipients: Project Linus and Merrimack Valley Hospice for the purpose of this lottery.

If you will not be able to attend the September meeting, you can cast your “submission” by emailing me with the information before 4 PM on September 19th. I will fill out the lottery form for you.


“Lin” Caiado