COMFORT QUILT 2013 – 2014

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Our lottery winner for the comfort quilt, the Lazarus House, has expressed that they have many donated quilts and has suggested that “others” might be more in need. I took the liberty to research “other” organizations and speak with their representatives. I presented my findings to the board at the meeting last night.

The result of the vote was that Anne Marie House, 180 Lowell Rd., Hudson, NH will be our new designated recipient. They are a part of the national organization Family Promise. They have 26 units which serve as transitional housing for homeless families.

Information can be found at:

All sizes of quilts are welcome as they have all ages: crib to twin. I know that we will be generous – that is who we are – I challenge you to make both a child’s size and a twin for an adult. Most of these residents arrived with little or nothing to call their own. A simple quilt will be a treasure to give them lots of comfort.

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