News From the Guild Front

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The Guild meeting last night night was a sign that our guild is still going  strong!

After “Mama Karp” took the mike and laid the cards on the table regarding the lack of a president, Ann Hockmeyer took the challenge! Thanks to Ann, we have a pilot for our ship!

Signe Kalil and Carrie Zizza will host the UFO auction.

Barbara Callard and Roseanne Ricketson will do Mystery quilt.

Gloria Zacharius will handle the Block Raffle.

Elaine Rando- AP

Maryanne Karp AR

Jan Taylor, Secretary

Lin Caido & Bev Valle- Raffle Quilt


Final totals for the Quilt show were presented- $4500 profit

$1200 White Elephant

Almost $1000 Penny Raffle

$600 kitchen

$200 + for quilt pins


Ribbons were presented:

Viewer’s Choice– a tie- Gail Wozniak & Pat Lucey

Member’s Choice – Pat Lucey      [ a personal note: I am very touched and honored by all that I received- without                                                                                  Carrie,it would not be what it is! Thank you all from the bottom of this                                                                                                              quilter’s   heart].

The meeting ended with a delightful, enjoyable, soothing and humorous presentation by Cathy Miller, the Singing Quilter and her husband.  The music was great- her quilts were terrific!


There is still time to sign up for her workshop on Saturday- Sue Richards.