Mancuso World Quilt Show

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Are you planning on attending the World Quilt Show in Manchester, NH on August 14 – 17th?  If so, we need you to assist with raffle ticket sales and/or white gloving.  If we do not get enough people to volunteer, we will be unable to sell raffle tickets at the show.  This show can bring in $300 or more to the guild.  This money, in part, goes toward our wonderful programs.

Don’t have a ride?  I’m sure we could find someone who would be more than willing to let you tag along.

Do you have a friend or relative who is going with you? Have them assist with white gloving or selling tickets.  Teams of people can share the time slots so you don’t need to be standing or sitting for an extended time.  I generally get one of my family members to assist with raffle tickets and/or white gloving.  I will try to get at least one of my family members to help again this year.

If we don’t get enough volunteers by next weekend. I will be calling each and every one of you.   So please contact Betty Hastings to let her know you are willing to help.  That way it will be one less phone call to make.

Respectfully yours,

Cathy H

2 thoughts on “Mancuso World Quilt Show

    JANET GILLIS said:
    July 5, 2014 at 10:06 pm

    Okay – I’m really confused. I thought it was decided that MVQ was not going to participate in the Mancuso show.

      Cathy H responded:
      July 6, 2014 at 6:00 am

      It was but we shouldn’t pass up the opportunity. So I volunteered to try and get enough volunteers.

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