Can You Spare a Little Time?

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Can you spare a little time? I know first hand how hard it is to find time for our guild. We are always balancing our very busy lives with work and caring for our families. For me, the precious free time spent on guild stuff is part of my ME time. The ME time keeps me sane. It keeps me focused on my quilting and what I love.  Without it, I’m just a sailor without a compass or a needle without thread.

Our guild is very important. We are more than a 501C organization. We are a body of souls with a shared passion. We create beauty and yearn to learn more about our “craft”. We donate our beautiful quilts to people we never meet. We gather for friendship and support.

When we are together we are amazing! I’m very grateful for all the doers in our group, but they are getting tired after years of all the doing. Being together takes some work and we need help to make it all happen. The monthly program and the annual quilt show are the core of the guild. The quilt show’s profit is what provides the programs. Without a quilt show we can’t have such great programs!

So, can you spare a little time? We need you to volunteer to chair the quilt show or do the 16/17 programs or travel with the raffle quilt or organize a bus trip. All these positions have support and guidance from the former chairs when needed, so you won’t be alone with the task. Please step up and join the doers! Our guild needs you!

Thank you,