MVQ introduces two NEW SMALL GROUPS

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NEW Member Small Group

This group will give new members of the guild an opportunity to meet other new members.  We will meet one evening a month and spend time together sharing “quilty” ideas, learning from one another, getting to know each other better, and just plain having fun!  Your membership to this small group will be limited to the year that you join MVQ allowing a new group of new members to join the next year.  Our hope is that when you walk into a guild meeting you will see familiar faces. This group is limited to 10 members. Members can be at any level of quilting from a beginner to an experienced quilter.  The New Member Small Group will meet on the last Wednesday of the month.

Not wanting the leave seasoned guild members out, the second small group that is being started this year is:

MVQ Member Small Group

This small group is opened to anyone who has been a member of MVQ for at least one year. You can be new to quilting or a long-time quilter. This group will be focusing on friendship, sharing “quilty” ideas, working on projects side-by-side or together, and whatever else the group comes up with and wants to do.  This group will meet once a month during guild season (possibly over the summer too) and would be more of a traditional small group. This group is limited to 10 members and will meet on the first Wednesday of the month.

Additional Information:

First thing on the agenda for both groups:  Come up with a FUN name for the group and decide how the groups are going to be run/organized together!  These small groups will belong to the members of the small group…everyone has input.

There is NO charge to become part of either of these small groups. Meeting time and location for both groups is from 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM at CPQ Studio located 59 Sanborn Road, East Kingston, NH which is right over the MA/NH border.

If you are interested in either of these small groups, please contact Lisa McCarthy (, Ann Hockmeyer (, or Liz Swan ( for additional information.