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Someone (or pals) to step up and coordinate our volunteer ticket sellers for the April 6-9th MQX  show in Manchester for our raffle quilt sales.  So what does this really mean…….

1 you don’t have to be there everyday

  1. You pass around sign up sheet (Betty probably has template on computer) at the February and March meetings to get members to sign up for two hour slots to sell 3. Then you coordinate getting the supplies to first person Thursday morning for initial set up.
  2. Typically (typist not sure who ) have a location at these big shows to lock up at end of each day and last shift people will be instructed to do this 5. So basically you can do 90 percent of this coordinator job by email with directions to sellers for each time slot


Please please step up.   Betty is having surgery beginning of February and I sure would love to not be worrying about this any longer


Contact Ann H  or Betty Hastings =