Selvage Edges

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Selvage edges


Thanks to those who brought some to February meeting.  We will still  be collecting them for the next two months for our May class so if cutting fabrics please save the salvage edges ( plus 1/2-1 inch) for us.  Remember only edges with words or color dots.   Bag for these at hallway check in area. Thanks!!!


MVQ Classes

Do you know what a bargain it is for our members to take an all day class for $25 and half day redwork class for $15!!!!  Just got a brochure recently and it was $65 for  all Day and $40 for half day.  Look at our upcoming classes and sign up.  Even if you know the subject matter you always seem to learn a new tip/idea


We are lucky to have these teachers come to us to offer the classes.  Help our program committee out by signing up