2017-2018 Raffle Quilt Committee

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Here is an update for anyone who is interested in volunteering for this committee.

So far, the first challenge has been when and where can we get together to share ideas and come up with a plan.  The answer to “where” has just been answered by my good friend, Mary Kendall, who is a new member to MVQ.  She has a studio called “Aunt Mary’s Quilting Studio” at 43 Stark Road, Derry, NH 03038 and she is offering it to our committee free of charge.  It is a great place to meet, sew, buy fabric and quilt.  Feel free to visit her website at http://www.auntmarysquilting.com.  So that’s THE place.

The “when” has turned out to be a little more challenging as some members can come during the day only and some at night only.  Therefore, I have asked Mary if I could have two meetings and she generously agreed.  So here is the plan: we will have two initial meetings to give everyone a chance to meet and share ideas.  The first one will be Monday, July 25th at 2:30 PM.  The second meeting will Tuesday, July 26th at 6:00 PM.  Hopefully this will give everyone who is interested a chance to meet with the committee.

After the meetings take place, we will determine if one was more popular that the other.  I hope you can make one of these two meetings.  Of course I will be attending both and will be happy to give anyone a ride if they do not wish to drive alone.  We can meet at my house in Haverhill, MA and travel together!  Let me know if you wish to drive with me.

Elizabeth Swan, Vice President

2017-2018 Raffle Quilt Committee Chair