Quilt Show Updates

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September 7th – at 6:30 pm at the Plaistow Library – a combined meeting of the board and all quilt show chairs.  The board will meet first, then at 7 the show committees.  All chairs, please be prepared to update us on your part of the show.


Bring Your Scissors!  On Friday, September 30th, Tom Panniello, who owns the National Sharpening Company, will be available at the show to sharpen your scissors while you enjoy yourself viewing our quilts.  This is a ONE DAY ONLY on FRIDAY.


Donations for the Kitchen – Bev Valle is looking for donations of soda and water, plus desserts that are individually wrapped in $.50 portions ready for sale.  Please DO NOT bring these items to our September meeting.  Bring them on September 29th – the thursday set up, or friday September 30th  in the morning.


Reminder – we have pre-paid tickets available for sale that can be given as gifts.  Contact Liz Swan, liz@swanquilting.com


As part of your membership, ALL members are obligated by the bylaws to donate two hours of their time for the show in some capacity.  Please help us to make this a great event!

Beverly Knapp & Lin Caido