MVQ Storybook Quilts

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The MVQ Storybook quilts, the books, and the lesson planning materials have been donated to the Georgetown Peabody Library Children’s room staff. They are in the process of photographing and posting the books and quilts to all of the Children’s Librarians in the Merrimack Valley Consortium. They can be borrowed and shared. Diane Kelley has already used four of the kits at the Ipswich Library.

The enormous Tupperware containers that formerly housed them are available. The have wheels and they seal very tightly. They are in excellent condition but They are far too large to put in our storage facility.

If you could use them contact Betty Hastings. You will need a very large van or truck to take them away. But if you want them, please come and get them. PLEASE

One thought on “MVQ Storybook Quilts

    Betty Hastings said:
    April 24, 2017 at 10:34 am

    The Tupperware totes have been adopted. They are no longer available

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