Quilt Show Angst! Do you Have it?

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With permission from Gladi Porsche, a prize winning quilter from Cocheco Guild who we had as a speaker a couple years ago – a snipit from her blog about quilts in shows.

I came across an article in which Mary Mashuta (a big name from the past!) wrote her thoughts about judging and I would like to end this post with a quote from her which sums up my feelings:

“Along the way, I have won some ribbons, though some of my personal favorites have never won awards…Visual impact is most important….When you win a prize, rejoice, but when you don’t win, don’t let that stop you from sharing your work…Even if you never win a prize, sharing your work is what is really important.  The judges may pass it by, but there will be viewers who notice it and enjoy what you’ve done.  It may offer color or design solutions to other quilters or just encourage them to keep trying with their own work.  And, best of all, you know what you’ve learned by creating the work and only you can be the judge of that.”

I might add that, unless making competition quilts is your thing,  it is important to make quilts for yourself, that you enjoy the process and that the design and colors you use are enjoyed by YOU!