Raffle Quilt Update

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With the commitment of time from members, our raffle quilt has had a successful summer.


Liz and John Swan took charge of set up. Time at the table was shared by Joanne Giblin, Louise Robitaille, Jamie Ruh, Barbara Bell, Margaret Tipton, Deb Sancranti, Liz Swan, and Brenda Haskell. John Swan returned at the end of the day and Liz and John took the display away.  The results of these labors brought in $252 for the guild.

MANCUSO WORLD QUILT FESTIVAL (August 16, 17, and 18)

More days and more people needed. On Wednesday, Betty Hastings took the quilt up to Manchester and set it up for the show.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, sitters at the table included:

Ann Stobbs               Mary Stobbs           Lin Caiado                Bev Valle

Marianne Karp         Mary Wilkes              Liz Swan                  Deb Sancrati

Brenda Haskell        Ruth Caisse               Linda Lydecker        Heather Shields

Judy Naylor            Maggie Rogers


White Glovers included:

Barbara Black          Diana Dow                Ruth Martineau

Shelia Ramsden        Linda Lydecker

Thanks to this group who brought in $355 for the guild. And a very special thank you to Carol Sullivan and Cathy Harnish for going above and beyond. Our quilt was shown on a Mancuso rack instead of our own. To take it down required standing on chairs. Carol and Cathy left their spot at the Hannah Dustin table and gave Maggie and Judy an appreciated hand.



September 19th Coffee and Conversation with the Topsfield Council on Aging group from 10:00-11:00

October 25-27 Connections Quilt Show at the Wesford Regency Hotel

April 10-13, 2019 MQX Quilt Festival New England


Betty and Judy