Ruth Martineau’s Sister Paula has passed away

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Ruth Martineau’s sister Paula has died as a result of a brain tumor.

She was waked on June 2nd.

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WOW!. . . .that’s something we heard a lot of as strolling through the quilt show on Friday and Saturday.  Both quilters and non-quilters alike were very impressed with the great display of excellent workwomanship and also the nice variety of quilts that were entered this year.  We are a very talented group of women! It was exciting to see the contribution made by some of our new members. Another comment that was heard a lot was how much everyone liked the ribbons and our new signs!

As you know, this was our first year with a professional judge, and she also expressed to us how impressed she was with the quality of work she was looking at.  She couldn’t believe it was our first judged show.  I hope all our members got a chance to get to the show and see their work hanging proudly whether judged or not.

Attendance was down a bit this year, but the people that did come shopped and ate more to make up for it.  The numbers are in, and Ginny Platt will be tallying them up and reporting in more detail at the wrap up meeting.

A huge thanks to all the committee members, ribbon makers, worker bees, friends, relatives, and draftees that made this show possible.  Pat and I could not have done this without you.  It takes a village. . .  We hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did.


Pat Lucey & Mary Ginn

Special thanks to Doris, Lillian and Margaret

Gail Wozniak’s Father Passed Away

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Richard Clarke, father of longtime member, Gail Wozniak passed away on Thursday after heart condition that kept him from hospital to home for about a year. At the family’s request, there will be no calling hours and a private service.

In Memory of Peter Hudson

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Peter Hudson, Jan Taylor’s son, passed away on Sat. 3/26/11 after an 18 year long battle with a brain tumor.  He died peacefully at home in Oakland, CA.

He was 41 years old, and was Administrative Manager for the Bay Area Youth Action Consortium (BAYAC).  He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and coworkers.  His life was too short, but the world is a better place for him having been in it.

If you feel like doing something in his memory, give to charity. You can choose your own, of course, but Pete had two suggestions:

The American Brain Tumor Association ( which supports the types of research that gave him 18 good years after his tumor was diagnosed. Let’s hope the research continues so people in the future get even more time.

And, Bay Area Community Resources (, designated for the Bay Area Youth Action Consortium (BAYAC). Pete’s work at BAYAC over the last decade gave his life meaning and purpose.

Infinite Variety – A Trip to NYC

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When I heard about the exhibits at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City, I thought it would be a great trip.  I have a niece who is presently attending college in NYC.  This gave me a great opportunity to go to NYC and stay with her.  I mentioned this to Carol Sullivan.  We both decided it was a must do trip.

The exhibit “Infinite Variety – Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts” is phenomenal.   Just walking through the door you are awestruck.  It’s hard to fathom you are looking at 650 red and white quilts.  The way the quilts are displayed you feel surrounded by history. 

Previously, I was never particularly fond of red and white quilts.  Now I have a greater appreciation of theses two color quilts.  The variety of quilts is just stunning.  There were appliqued, pieced, and Hawiian applique.  There were a few variations on bar quilts.  Quite a few used the same block but the different color placements and settings made the exhibit all the more interesting   Who knew you could do so much with just two colors.  Will I be making a red and white quilt in the future? No, but blue and white is definitely a possibility.

If you can get to NYC this week, it is well worth the trip.  The red and white quilt exhibit runs through to March 30th.  If not, the museum will be coming out with a catalog of all the quilts in the exhibit.  Once I get home I will upload the pictures Carol and I took.

Your friend in quilting,

Cathy Harnisch

Saturday’s Ribbon Workshop

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Saturday’s quilt show ribbon making workshop was a big success and we created enough origami ribbons to more than meet the judge’s needs for the quilt show.  Pat and I would just like to thank all the volunteers that showed up to help in this effort.  More than 20 members were there to work on this project.   Maggie’s superior teaching skills had everyone turning out ribbons in no time, and they are gorgeous as you can see by the photos.  We truly appreciate the volunteer’s generous giving of their Saturday morning to help in this effort.  It is truly the spirit of this Guild in action.

Mary & Pat

NY Quilt Show Bus Trip – One Day

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Linda Pearl of The Patchwork Pearl has arranged a one day bus trip to New York City to view “Infinite Variety; Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts” sponsored by the American Folk Art Museum. This is an exhibit of more than 650 red and white American textiles, the largest quilt exhibit ever presented in New York City. The bus will leave from Nashua NH at 6 am and the cost is $75. Contact or call 603-233-0320 for more information.