The Vendors for the April meeting will be … US!

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Anyone who has quilt related books they want to sell may bring them to the April meeting, starting at 6:30 PM.  You must include a paper with the name of the book, your name and address, and email or phone number, so that I can get in touch with you to send along any money you may have received by selling your books.  Please include a price with the understanding that 20% of the total will go to the guild, (the same policy as the Boutique at the quilt show.)  At the end of the evening, if your book has not sold, please pick it up .  If you still want to sell it, include it in the Boutique at the quilt show by filling in a separate form  located on the blog and getting it to the show on Thursday April 29th.  If you do not pick up your book at the end of the evening meeting, and I have to bring it home, it will then be included in the white elephant table where all the proceeds go to the guild.    Thank You!

It will be a fun night…If you have any questions, contact Bev Valle.

Minutes – February 18th Meeting

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The February meeting began at 7:00pm with Sue Molin VP filling in for President Andrea Bursaw.The prior meeting minutes were accepted as posted on the Blog / newsletter.

Tote bags with the MVQ logo are still available for sale at our meetings. The member’s first bag purchase costs $5 and any additional bags at $15.Bags are still available. — President Blocks are being still being collected for Andrea Bursaw and there are directions, center piece fabrics, and sample blocks on the back table.  — Sue also thanked everyone for their quilts and generous support of her Comfort Quilts Charities.

Gail Wozniak reminded all of the Mystery Bus trip departing at 8am on 3/13. A few seats are available for $10 and now open to nonmembers and friends. The Bus trip to Providence RI for MQX Show on April 17th has 3 seats left and will now be opened to others.<

Gail announced the 30th Anniversary Dinner Celebration on May 6th at Maria’s Family Restaurant in Haverhill. It will start at 6:15 pm with a cash bar followed by a dinner buffet. The cost will be $37 with the Guild covering $20 for each member. Tickets for Dinner will be sold at the next meeting for $17.

Beverly Valle discussed the upcoming Quilt Show 4/30 and 5/1 and the need for sign ups, working the show, Penny Raffle items or baskets, & food /beverage donations…

All quilts to be entered in the show must be registered on a separate form which needs to be submitted by March 22nd to Lyn Grenier. Forms may also be turned in at the 3/18 Meeting. There will be NO LATE entries.

Instruction on bagging your quilts for drop off and delivery on the Thursday before the Show  will detailed in the newsletter and must be followed exactly.

More information will be available at the March and April meeting

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Maryanne Nowacki and the Fabric Lottery was a FREE event tonight so that members could spend at the UFO coming up that evening.
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Carol Sullivan reminded members the blog was functioning and now has a “For Sale / Wanted” feature if you are looking to streamline your collection or add to it. Let Cathy Harnisch or her know when items have sold so they can be removed. Sue Molin had a show of hands as to how many people have chosen to have an email feed to update them when news has been added to the web blog. The link is at the bottom right of the home page & requires you to click on it, type in your email address & type in the “code” generated. Easy to do & there are no ads, loss of privacy and little activity –  it will keep you in the loop & up-to-date.
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Maggie Judd, Scrap Bee coordinator reminded all the Pastel Floral Blocks are due at the April meeting.

Judy Hilner is accepting sign ups for the Sweatshirt Workshop she & Cathy Harnisch will hold on Saturday.

Terry Gelinas Program Coodinator for 2010-2011 is seeking helpers to assist her with the implementation of Program in starting in September. The program has been scheduled but help is needed with teacher transportation & hotel arrangements, hosting workshops, sign ups and the other jobs to make this year of workshops a success. Call her, email her or connect with her at a meeting.

After refreshments, the fabric / raffles were held. Members who won…..Harraitt, Beevers, Cataido, et al.

Members revisited & increase their bids in the silent auction portion before the auction got underway. Carrie Zizza set forth the rules for this year’s live UFO auction including each individual’s personal accounting of winning bids. Donations were sorted, packaged and bagged (many in reusable shopping bags) by Signe Kaleel. Undoubtedly some of the best goodies ever including: antique quilt blocks, unfinished quilt tops, coordinated color fabrics, complete kits, FQs, all quality fabrics and backings. Other lesser donated goods were delivered to Pat Lucey for the White Elephant Table at the Quilt Show. Pat is still accepting donations for the Boutique Table and the White Elephant table. Bidding was skillfully handled by Carrie with entertaining, creative encouragement called out by Signe in the sidelines. Lots of bidding and fun was had by attendees in addition to raising over $1400 for the Guild treasury.
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The evening was adjourned around 9:20 as checks were written & everyone collected their winnings.

Respectfully submitted,      “Acting” Secretary Lyn Grenier

Kelly Library 3/16

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Sewing at the Kelly Library on Tuesday March 16 at 6:00 pm. We will be in the room that is directly in front of the entrance on the lower level.  As of this morning Main Street by the Fire Station was closed.  The easiest way to get to the library is exit 1 off of 93.  Continue to the route 28 intersection and go straight across onto Veterans Memorial Parkway, pass Toys R Us on the right, police station on the left.  Turn left onto Geremonty Drive where the Town Hall and High School are.  The library is on the left at the corner of Geremonty and Main.  Main Street is open from the library to the Methuen line and beyond to 495.

Mystery Bus trip- still a few seats!

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Our upcoming mystery bus trip is a mere 12 days away now.  Let’s all pray to the weather gods for good weather that day!

 I do have three more open seats so if you know of anyone else in the guild or not, who would like to join our fun filled day please let me know.  

 Just a reminder to be at Westgate Plaza in Haverhill for an 8:00 am prompt departure so we get to our first shop on time.  Please wait for me to get on the bus and share our secret destination with the bus driver and then I will give you the high sign it is ok to board.  Bring your lunch as well as morning coffee etc. 

 Remember if you wish to play games to bring the following:

 Any red, white or blue fabrics( does not have to be patriotic themed)   and a spool of thread.

 Also an  item for the bus basket for the penny raffle – it can be notion, fabric, thread or something off the chart  but quilt related.

 Looking forward to the 13th.


Show & Tell – February 2010

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Click on the Picture Mosaic for a complete slide show.


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We think it is safe to say last night’s UFO auction was a success. We pulled in over $1400! Heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who attended, bid and donated. We couldn’t have done it without you!

At the end of the night it was brought to our attention that some items were missing from some of the silent auction packages. Specifically, a white wholecloth, a pair of stork scissors, a thimble and a package of 5” squares rolled and wrapped to look like pieces of candy. Since quilters are minted out of the highest moral fabric and are world renowned as the nicest people on earth, we are 100% positive that the missing items were either picked up to be examined and accidentally replaced in the wrong pile or some such other perfectly honest mistake. So please go through your treasures and see if any of the above items found their way to your house, and either put them in the mail and address the package to Carrie Zizza 46 W. Greenwood St., Amesbury, MA  01913, or bring them to the March meeting emailing Carrie first so we now they are on their way. ( Please be diligent when checking your winnings as these are items the successful bidders were specifically interested in when they wrote down their bids, and more importantly, items they have paid for. We are confident this issue will be resolved quickly.

As always, bid high and bid often!

Carrie Zizza and Signe Kaleel

Feb. 16, Salem evening group cancelled

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Tonight’s sewing session at the Kelly Library in Salem is cancelled. The next session at this location will be Tuesday, March 16 at 6:00 pm. Please join us then. Contact Carol Sullivan for more information.