President’s Block 2009-2010

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Just what is a president’s block?   One of the perks shall we say, is for the current president each year to pick out a design of their choice, sometimes offer fabric selections and sizes and have blocks made for her as a way of saying thanks for taking on this monumental job of the guild and this will be a nice remembrance for you.  The Vice President  oversees this project as part of her duties and the blocks are presented each year at the June meeting as a thank you.

Instructions for the president’s block.

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Also available in the November December 2009 Newsletter.

Holiday Party 2009

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The holidays always come so quick.  I can’t believe it’s November already.

In lieu of a November and December meeting, there is a Holiday Party held on the first Thursday of December.  This year’s party is on December 3rd.  There will be a pot luck buffet.  A sign up sheet was sent around at the last meeting.  Click here to see a copy of what you signed up to bring.  If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, check the list to see if there is something not listed you can bring.

We will be collecting canned or boxed goods to donate to a locate food pantry.

There will be entertainment this year.  Girl Treble, an all female a Capella quartet will be there to serenade us.

What you need to bring to the party:

  • Donation for the food pantry
  • Place setting for yourself (plate and silverware)
  • Your contribution to the buffet
  • Your smile and holiday cheer

See you all there,

Cathy Harnisch

Assistance with Charity Quilts

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It has been brought to my attention that some of you are in need of some help in making/finishing your quilts.  Or maybe would just like to do yours in a social setting?  I will have a sign up sheet at our December meeting for anyone who may be interested in getting together after the holidays for a day of quilting and learning.  Please indicate if you would prefer a week day or a Saturday.  You can also email at Vice President.  This should give me a good indication on how much space I will need to find.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Sue Molin

Working with Wool – Sandi Bard

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If you ever want to work with wool, Sandi Bard is the go to person.  She is a wealth of information regarding wool.  She has turned wool applique into an art form.  Her work is exquisite. To view a slide show of Sandi’s work click here.  As you view the slide show, note how even her stitches are.  She does it all freehand.  It goes to show practice makes perfect.

If you want to learn about felting wool, ask Sandi.  If you want to know where to find wool fabrics, ask Sandi.  If you can’t remember how to start a button-hole stitch, ask Sandi.  If you want to know the best way to do an outline stitch, ask Sandi.

Sandi shared her experiences with wool both good and bad, where the pitfalls were and what she  found worked best for her.

Start with a single stitchThen take a button hole stitch

Sandi had us use freezer paper as a template for our applique pieces.  We were to glue the pieces in place then button-hole stitch them down.  Using the water-soluble glue allowed us to place the pieces without pins.  That way the floss would not get caught on the pins nor would our fingers.  She found that starting on an edge as opposed to a corner would allow for more accurate points.  How to stitch an accurate point was also demonstrated.

Stem StitchEveryone in the class chose to work on a gold star pumpkin.  Sandi demonstrated the use of clear vinyl as a guide to accurately place our piece as we worked.  Unlike cotton, wool is not translucent so a light box would not work.  We started by gluing the various pumpkin pieces together first.  Then glued the stem to the pumpkin. Then glued the completed pumpkin to the background.  Once all the pieces were secured, we started stitching.  I was never a fan of applique.  I would get frustrated with turning the edges under.  This is much easier.  No edges to turn under made the stitching go quickly.

I think I’m hooked.  I had purchased a pattern for wool applique a few year back.  Now I think I’m ready to tackle it.

Thank you, Sandi. I really had a great time in your class.

Now where can I put all this wool?


Evening Sewing Get-togethers

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MVQ has also reserved two evening sewing dates at the Salem, NH Library which is located at the corner of Rte. 97 (Main Street) and Geremonty Drive. These nights are Tuesday, Nov. 17 and Tuesday, Dec. 15.  We will start as early as 5:30 or you can arrive anytime after that and we must be out of the library at 9:00 pm.   These nights are for any MVQ members who would like to get together for sewing, sharing and socializing.  The room can accommodate about a dozen sewers.  To reserve your spot or for more information, please contact Carol Sullivan at 603-893-5211 or

This is What it is All About.

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Pentucket Workshop Quilt for Veterans 2007In 2007, our comfort quilt project was for MA veterans. I would like to share a note I received last week:

“Thank you all for the lovely quilt my husband received while a patient at White River Junction VA hospital. he was always cold and this quilt helped keep him warm. He also loved the picture of your helpers and their smiling faces. Unfortunately he passed away 10/4/09; so now I have this beautiful quilt with me. I look and touch it every day and remember. Again thank you so much,  Sherry Chilafoe, wife of Thomas Chilafoe.”

I had attached this picture on the back so the recipient could see that it was made by children in Nursery school.

I have sent Sherry a note and resolve that we must continue to comfort those who hurt by making our quilts.  Pat Lucey

Show and Tell October 2009

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All I can say is Wow!

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Click to view Slide Show