Quilt Show 2009

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The quilt show was a great success.  If you didn’t get a chance to see the show, now you can.

Click here to see a slide show of the quilts.

Not all the pictures are uploaded at this time.  I should be able to finish uploading them in July.

Cathy H

Show and Tell June 2009

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There were many quilts at the June Meeting.  A few of us finished quilts from the Robbi Joy Eklow workshop last month.  I was close but didn’t quite finish mine.  That’s what I get for opening my big mouth and challenging everyone to finish theirs.

If you have a picture of a quilt that my replacement photographer didn’t get, please e-mail it to me so I can post it to the site.

Again, I am in awe of your talent.

For the complete slide show click here.

Cathy H

MVQ Welcomes the 2009-2010 Board Members

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The Executive Board for 2009 – 2010 are as follows:

President – Andrea Bursaw
Vice President – Sue Molin
Secretary – Karen Parent
Treasurers – Mary Ginn, Lyn Grenier

For a complete list of Commitee Members click here.

In Gratitude to the Committee Members 2008-2009

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Thank you to the committee members for 2008-2009

Block Exchange: Gail Wozniak

Challenge Quilts: Ruth Caisse, Sheila Ramsden

Fabric Lottery (monthly raffle) : Ginny Platt, Jerusha Ryan

Historian: Marylou Kilcoyne

Hospitality: Jeanne Elliot

Membership: Mary and Ann Stobbs

Monthly Vendors:  Bev Valle

Museum Rep:  Rosemary Bray

Mystery Bus Trip: Gail Wozniak

Mystery Quilt: Carol Robinson

New Member Greeter:  Deb Manzi

Newsletter: Pat Lucey

Plaistow Library Liaison: Deb Zukas

Programs 2008-2009:   Carrie Zizza, Rosalie Berard

Programs 2009-2010:   Catherine Harnisch, Judy Hillner, Signe Kaleel, Marylou Kilcoyne

Publicity: Angie Cyr

Quilt Show Chairs: Bev Condon, Shirley Reed

Quilter of the Year Committee: Roselie Berard, Carrie Zizza

Raffle Quilt 2008-2009: Janet Stone, Amanda Coburn

Raffle Quilt 2009-2010: Sue Calderwood, Mary Jo Ray

Raffle Quilt Travel: Bev Vallee

Sunshine Girl:  Rosemarie Gilson

Scrapbee Exchange:  Ann and Mary Stobbs

UFO Auction: Signe Kaleel

Robbi Joy Eklow Workshop

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Robbi Joy Eklow
Robbi Joy Eklow

This was a fun and very informative workshop.  Robbi Joy is an excellent teacher.  She is a wealth of information.  I enjoyed the workshop immensely.   I never thought I would enjoy fusible applique, but I did.  Some of the other patterns available are just to fussy.  Robbi’s don’t have all those itty bitty pieces that some have.

Robbie starts everyone off making a cup.  She uses the cup pattern as a technique teaching tool.

Our Tes Cups
Our Tea Cups

She explained

  • the use of various fusibles
  • the concept of dimension within the pattern design
  • using the fabric color and pattern as a secondary design
  • how her pattern’s are numbered
  • her techniques of tracing the pattern
  • the use of the arrows as placement guides
  • how to match intersecting pieces
  • how to assemble the various pieces once you have them cut

Once everyone had made a tea cup, we were given the choice of nine different patterns to make.  Quite a few of us chose the floral/gear designs.  I found it difficult to choose from the pattern’s available.  They were all interesting, with different levels of difficulty.  The more intersections you had to match the more difficult it was to be accurate.  The class included one pattern, any extras we paid for.  I ended up with 5 patterns.  It was just to difficult to choose.  One of the patterns I purchased was a guitar pattern.  I want to make it for my nephew.

Judy Hillner's Vases
Judy Hillner's Vases
Rosemary Bray's still life in progress.
Rosemary Bray's still life in progress.
Carrie Zizza's Flower
Carrie Zizza's Flower

For those who were interested,  she show us how she made her patterns with the use of Adobe Illustrator.  If you are so inclined, you can make your own patterns.   I want to try to make one of my dogs.

Everyone had a great time and came away with a new appreciation of  fusible applique.  I hope to complete my quilt by the next guild meeting.  I challenged everyone to do the same.  I got a lot of laughs, yeah right’s and dirty looks.  I’ll probably be the only one who doesn’t completed the quilt for the next meeting.  But we will see.  I know Judy Hillner probably has hers done already.

To see a slide show of all the pictures I took click here.

If you took the class and have pictures, e-mail them to me and I’ll post them to the flickr account.

See you at the next meeting.

Cathy Harnisch

Show and Tell May 2009

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Our Guild Members and Guests are a talented group.

To see all the photos click here.