Mancuso Show

URGENT, Help Needed at Mancuso

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August 17 – 19, 2017

For our raffle table

Thursday 4:00 – 5:00

Friday 10-12:00,  12-2:00   and 4-5:00

Saturday 12-2:00 and 2-4:00 and 4:5:00

For white gloving

Friday or Saturday any time,


Contact Betty Hastings or Judy Naylor to sign up

World Quilt Show update

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I have gone through the entire list of guild members, calling each and everyone of you.  If you didn’t get a call, it’s because the phone number was incorrect.  If you got a call and did not call me back, please call me back as I still have room to fill on the roster. I will be calling you back if I don’t hear from you by Monday.

With that said, its a go. We WILL be going to the Mancuso show with our raffle quilt!  Please double check the list to make sure I have you listed correctly.  If you have not signed up there is still time.

Check the Mancuso web site for more information about the show.

See you at the show.

Cathy Harnisch

Raffle Quilt at Mancuso World Quilt Show

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The literature that came from the August Mancuso World Quilt Show- New England XII reads as follows
“The World Quilt Show will provide your guild with space to display your raffle quilt for all four days in exchange for 32 hours of white glove volunteer service. Volunteers have the option of filling 8 four hour shifts or 16 two hour shifts..

Please note all volunteers must pay the pre registration fee or general admission so that they have proper identification. We ask all volunteers to supply their own white gloves. Please note that the guild’s quilt must be displayed all four days of the show.”

On the pre registration form it states that Volunteers will be given a complimentary half-day work shop or two complimentary lectures for each four hour shift. they commit to. or a complimentary full-day workshop for two shifts.

I have discussed this with a dozen MVQ members and I seriously doubt that we can field a team of enough people to sit at the raffle table for 4 days AND fill 32 hours of volunteer service. I am not going to apply for a space at the August 14-17 Quilt show. If you volunteered to work on the raffle table, you can take it off your calendar.

August Shows -Help Needed

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Fellow Quilters,

We will be displaying our raffle quilt and selling chances at the World Quilt Show New England at The Radisson Center of New Hampshire, Manchester, August 18-21 and are in need of help. In order to participate we also need to provide 32 hours of white gloving. Volunteering to white glove while you visit the show is a great way to see the show up close and on the reverse side while helping your guild. Then perhaps you could sit and relax for an hour with our raffle quilt before going off to check out the vendors. You can choose your day Thurs, Fri, Sat or Sun and time slot. This venue has been the biggest moneymaker for our guild in the past and we need to have enough volunteers to go there this year.

Help is needed
Thursday Aug 18 in all time slots for both sitting with the raffle quilt and white gloving
Friday Aug 19 tickets 9:30-12, 2-4 , 4-6 White glove anytime
Saturday Aug 20 tickets 4-6 White Glove anytime from 12-6
Sunday Aug 21 tickets 12-2, 2-4 White Glove anytime

We would also like to go to Images in Lowell Aug 11- 13 and need volunteers to white glove and sell raffle tickets.

Help is needed
Thurday Aug 11 tickets 12-2, 4-6 White glove anytime
Friday Aug 12 tickets 9:30 -12, 2-4, 4-6 White glove anytime
Saturday Aug 13 tickets and white glove anytime

If you can volunteer any of your time, please contact Carol Sullivan e-mail or call 603-893-5211 with your date and time preference.

Thanks to those who have already volunteered and those who are about to.