MVQ Meetings Go Live

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Liz Swan and I (Cathy Harnisch) have been learning how to create a live virtual meeting. With all the various options for virtual meeting, we decided upon using Youtube Live. Mainly because it’s free.

The following link will get you to our first meeting. Mistakes and all. We will let you know when the next meeting will take place. If you view live, while we are recording, you can ask questions through Youtube chat.

Once a meeting is concluded, the video will be available for viewing for one week. After that week, we will be deleting the videos.

Here’s the video. Liz and I were rolling on the floor with laughter upon watching the video after it was done.

Let us know what you think.

Your Communications Chair,
Cathy Harnisch

2020-2021 Election Results

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The annual election for the Guild’s Board has now concluded and the slate of candidates has been voted into office.   The guild had 116 potential voters and 96 members voted.  Officers for the next year will be:

Elizabeth Swan, President

Bev Vale, Vice President

Jamie Ruh, Secretary

Layne Rando, Accounts Receivable Treasurer

Diane Kelley, Accounts Payable Treasurer

Thank you to the Nominating Committee and others for their work during this first time ever voting online process.  And thank you to all who voted. 

Coming Soon

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Liz Swan and I are working on a live broadcast meeting via YouTube. We did a small test this morning. Planning another test next week to work out some of the bugs. And to learn how to use the software.

We want to create a Show n Tell slideshow. Please submit a picture of your show n tell, along with your name and a short description, to me at

I look forward to seeing what everyone has been working on.

Cathy Harnisch
Communication Chair

Condolences to the Spinelli Family

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It is with great sadness that we inform every one of the passing of Sue Spinelli’s son, Carter Spinelli Tyson.  Here is the link to the obituary.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Elizabeth Swan, President

June Newsletter

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The June Newsletter has been posted.