Communications –  Cathy Harnisch, Pat Lucey, Carol Sullivan

FaceBook – Liz Swan, Cathy Harnisch, Ann Hockmeyer


Hospitality –  Jeanne Elliott, Shirley Reed

Instagram – Heather Shields

Plaistow Library Liaison – Gail Wozniak

Membership Diane Desjardins, Mary Kendall

Monthly Fabric Lottery –  Nancy Dempsey, Diana Doucette

Museum Representative – Betty Hastings

Mystery Bus Trip

Sampler Quilt – Deb Kelso

Storage Shed – Mary Wilkes

Newsletter – Pat Lucey

New Member Greeter – Mary Wilkes

Past President Representative – Ann Hockmeyer

Programs 2016-2017    Ronnie Longwell,  Nancy Dempsey

Publicity – Angie Cyr

Quilt Show 2018 Mary Wilkes, Wenonah Schwedler

For the complete Quilt Show Committee Listing click here

Quilt Weekends – Sue Molin, Andrea Bursaw – (Phyllis Lauria and Sue Spinelli will be taking over after the next retreat)

Raffle Quilt 2018-2019 – Beverly Valle, Lin Caiado

Raffle Quilt 2017-2018 – Elizabeth Swan

Raffle Quilt Travel – Betty Hastings, Judy Naylor

Recruiting – Diane Desjardins, Mary Kendall

Sew and Know – Maggie Judd

Storybook Quilts – many are at the Georgetown Library Permanent collection

Sunshine – Dianne Desjardins

UFO Auction – Minda Fowler, Kim Blanchard

WCC Liaison – Liz Swan, Diane Desjardins

Committees highlighted in red indicate standing committees.

The first name listed indicates committee chair person.  All others listed are either vice chairs or committee members.