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2016-2017 Vice President’s Charity Quilt Project

I am happy to announce that my choice for next year’s charity quilt project is “Kulea Childcare Villages”.

Violence, poverty and disease have left almost 6 million orphans in Kenya and Tanzania. Only 2-3% of these children have adequate care, housing and school. The vast majority are living in fear, hunger and without hope. At Kulea Childcare Villages, we rescue orphans and raise them in a loving home, providing each child with excellent education and health-care. In addition, we help vulnerable children access education. We are developing our first village in Tanzania to be home to hundreds of orphans. We have also identified land to start our work in Kenya. Kulea Childcare Villages is approved by IRS 501(c)3. Visit their website at

Kulea Childcare Villages currently have 30+ children in their care who would love to receive a gift of love in the form of a quilt. As this year progresses, they wish to have more children. Therefore, a donation of 30+ quilts is our goal. I am starting this project now because some of our members have informed me that Marden’s is having a sale on African print fabrics (I heard as low as $3.99/yard). You do not need to use African print fabrics for this project.

Here are some guidelines:
• Please use 100% cotton for fabric and batting.
• Please use a low loft batting; no polyester. Africa is a warm climate, therefore, light weight batting or flannel is acceptable.
• All quilts must be quilted, not tied, with batting or flannel.
• The children sleep in twin size beds. Please make a twin size quilt (approximately 72 x 108”) or smaller.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Elizabeth Swan, VP
Merrimack Valley Quilters Guild

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