Lecture Schedule/ Workshop Schedule

Programs 2018-2019


September 20, 2018

  • Ice Cream Social
  • Quilt Show Wrap – Up
  • Round tables – Ann Hockmeyer – Red and White English Paper Piecing

September 22rd, 2018                    No workshop

Finish up your quilts and let’s get on with the show!

October 18th, 2018

Sue Pelland – Rotary Cutter Applique
Fast and Fabulous Rotary Cutter Applique Lecture & Trunk Show
Learn how to use Sue Pelland Designs tools to speed up your appliqué process.

October 20th, 2018

Hope’s Diamond WorkshopHope keepsake

Make this beautiful curved diamond quilt using the Grande Leaves Galore Template (with a 4″ and an 8″ curve). Use a reverse applique technique to make this simple quilt in no time at all.

December 6th, 2018

Christmas Party  – Gail Wozniak, Chair

January 24th,  2019

Members Journeys

January, 2019

No Workshop

February 21st, 2019

UFO Auction

February 23rd,  2019             Workshop                                        

Carrie Zizza – Machine Quilting
You  Can Have Your Quilt Sandwich and Finish it Too!

March 21st, 2019

David Sirota – National Instructor and Quiltmaker

What Makes a Quilter Tick?  A Humorous Look in the Mirror
Join me for a fun-filled, interactive, eye-opening look at quilters and all the little quirks, passions and obsessions we all share. We’ll hold a mirror up to ourselves and see what others see when they look at us. Bring your friends and family along and maybe it will help explain, to you and them, why they look at us the way they do

March 23rd,  2019  – Workshop StormAtSea
Paper pieced Storm at Sea Wall Hanging – The “No Tears” Method
Are you curious about paper piecing? Do you and paper piecing already have a love/hate relationship? Do you love the accuracy you achieve, but hate the process of getting there? Well, this class will change that to a LOVE relationship. We’ll be using the versatile Storm at Sea pattern to learn my “No More Tears”© method of paper piecing. Although we won’t be finishing the entire project in class, you’ll have at least one full block, and the tools you’ll need to finish it at home, in half the time you’d expect from paper piecing. Don’t believe me?  You’ll just have to come and see for yourself!

April 18th,  2019
Linda Hahn – Frog Hollow Design – author, pattern designer and long arm quilter

New York Beauty State of Mind
In this entertaining presentation, Linda discusses the inspiration behind the AQS Bestseller “New York Beauty Simplified”, the experience with the book writing and publishing process, as well as the “stories” behind each of the quilts and their makers in the book. Linda brings all or most of the quilts from the book.

April 20th,  2010

Workshop – Buffalo Bubblegum –  A New York Beauty Design    Buffalo
Students learn how to create perfect New York Beauty blocks using Linda’s unique ONE PIN technique. Then students will incorporate those blocks into a dynamic setting that has NO set in seams!

Kit ($28) containing foundation paper which can be left in the quilt, laser cut paper piecing stencil and custom acrylic templates is required and payable to instructor.

May 9th, 2019    

Alison Wilbur – Alison Wilbur Quilts

Japan:  Tradition and Inspiration Did you know that Japan is home to the second largest quilting community in the world? Delve deeply into the Japanese aesthetic and learn about the many different traditional Japanese textiles traditions including cotton yukatas, silk obis, shibori dyeing, and sashiko stitching. See an array of quilts which incorporate these beautiful fabrics and motifs and entice you to step into the world of Japanese inspired quilting. Allison Wilbur is an award winning quilter who has traveled the world and lived in Japan. Many of her quilts focus on Japanese fabrics and design principles. This slide show and trunk show combination will leave you with a greater understanding of the special fabrics made in Japan and how to use them in your quilts.

Additional Vendor:  Red Barn Quilts

May 11th, 2019    Workshopsashiko
Hand and Machine Sashiko – Learn about the traditional Japanese art of sashiko – white stitching on indigo fabric including the history of sashiko in Japan and traditional patterns. We cover methods of marking your fabric, and stitch both by hand and on your domestic sewing machine. We also talk about how to use traditional sashiko motifs in your machine quilting.

June 20th, 2019

Kathy Graves – Next Generation Quilting –

Modern Quilting – We will explore Modern Quilting concepts such as color, negative space, minimalism, alternative grid, asymmetry (and more)

June 22rd, 2019  – Workshoprings_1024x

Metro Rings – A contemporary double wedding ring using the quick
Quilters will learn how to sew curves easily, without pinning, and making oversize blocks that we square up, so perfection is not needed.  Classes use the Sew Kind of Wonderful Quick Curve Ruler.



**  Worshops   $25 for members of MVQ and $35 for non-members

Contact Ronni Longwell for more information – ronni.longwell@yahoo.com

Additional workshops will be added to work on our red and white quilt.  Stay tuned.