Quilt Show Challenge 2022

Stars in the Sky

This year’s challenge is all about stars. How many star quilt blocks are there? Well, let me tell you there
are literally hundreds. Google told me this. Then, taking it a little further, how many quotes, stories, or
songs are there about stars? The answer is a lot! Who recognizes some of these?

Star of the day who will it be?
Starry Starry Night
A Star is Born
When you wish upon a star
Star crossed lovers – Did you know this was written by Shakespeare?

This year’s challenge goes like this:

  • The theme is Stars.
  • Everyone entering receives ¼ yard of fabric. There will be 4 different colorways of the same print. I will randomly send you one of the colorways. If extra material is needed, the fabric line is Ombre Fairy Dust Metallic by Vanessa Christenson for Moda.
  • For each quilt, entrants select a star block pattern using the fabric received. Indulge how you want to add to the star block.
  • With each entry, a few sentences are included to say why you chose/inspired the star block.
  • Size – 24” x 36” minimum. If you want to go bigger – great!
  • Entries do not have to be quilted. All quilts must be quilted and bound to hang in the Quilt Show Special Exhibit.
  • All entries will be anonymous.
  • Pictures of each quilt top are emailed to the Challenge Coordinator Brenda Haskell.
  • A secret code to identify each quilt is assigned.
  • The start date will be March 1st. The end date will be May 15th.
  • Quilts will be judged on the best use of color, best overall design, and best visual impact.
  • Gift certificates are awarded to the winner of each category.
  • Judges review the entries with results by May 21st.
  • Judges see a picture of each quilt, secret code, and why you chose/inspired your star block.

Gift certificates for the winner in each category have been generously provided by Red Barn Sewing &
Yarn Center, Compass Point Quilts, and Shabby Fabrics/Anonymous Donor.

Brenda Haskell
Challenge Coordinator Extraordinaire

2 thoughts on “Quilt Show Challenge 2022

    Cathy H responded:
    September 13, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    There is usually an annual challenge. They are announced at a meeting once the Challenge Committee has come up with there challenge.

    Tricia Lyon said:
    September 13, 2022 at 2:19 pm

    From a new member – Is this an annual challenge? Will there be a quilt show challenge for 2023? If so, will it be for the same timeframe – March to mid-May?

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