Quilt Show Challenge 2021

Challenge Exhibit for Ruby Celebration 2020 Continued

The 2021 Quilt Show will roll over its challenge exhibit that was in the works for 2020.  If you have already completed this challenge, be prepared to submit it in September 2021.  (And thank you.)

There are three requirements for this quilt project:

  1. The technique needs to be English paper pieced or paper pieced.
  2. The quilter must use Hoffman’s Ruby 1985-143. This fabric must be visible within the challenge quilt.  Roseann and Barbara have fabric available for your use.  Text or call them if you need a piece. 
  3. The finished item must be in the form of a pillow. Minimum size must be 56 inches (circumference) with a maximum size of 120 inches (circumference).  Pillow can be any shape such as round, square, rectangle, bolster, etc.

Any questions, please text or call Roseann Ricketson or Barbara Ward. 

One thought on “Quilt Show Challenge 2021

    Susan Dodge said:
    June 7, 2021 at 2:56 pm

    I have completed a challenge pillow. Could you mail (not email) me an entry form? Sue Dodge 8 Revere Street Haverhill 01835

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