Comfort Quilt Requests

About Us:

Community Crossroads is one of ten non- profit corporations designated as “area agencies” by the state of New Hampshire. In this role, we are responsible for supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and their families from birth to elder years as well as adults with acquired brain disorders. Originally established in 1979 as Region 10 Client Management, the agency has grown over the past thirty years to serve over 850 individuals and families in eleven towns in southern New Hampshire. Until recently known as Region Ten Community Support Services, Inc., we have become an integral part of our local communities through fundraising activities, civic involvement, and partnership with local businesses.


Our mission is to provide people in need of long term supports, either through age or disability, with the information, guidance, support and advocacy they need to remain in their chosen homes and live full, independent lives.

Who we serve:

As one of ten non- profit area agencies designated by the State of New Hampshire, Community Crossroads coordinates supports for over 850 individuals and their families in eleven towns in southeastern New Hampshire. These individuals include:

  • Infants and toddlers from birth to age 3 with developmental delays or disabilities.
  • School age children from ages 3 to 21 with developmental disabilities.
  • Adults with developmental disabilities from age 21 to elder years.
  • Adults with acquired brain disorders which occur before age 60 but do not meet the definition of a developmental disability.

Message from Carol (Accounting Coordinator) & Tammy (ESS Coordinator):

Community Crossroads, formerly Region 10 Community Support Services, has been serving families and individuals with developmental disabilities and brain injury since 1979.  (Our website address is:  We also serve those with chronic illness, including the elderly.  One of our areas of service is providing support to families with children from birth to age 3 who have special needs.  Some babies have spent many days/weeks/months in the hospital, which is so hard on families.


When our Early Supports and Services Coordinator, Tammy Dudal, first visits a baby’s family, she brings with her a baby blanket crocheted by a group of us ladies during our lunch hours.  These families are so very appreciative of this gesture—it warms Tammy’s heart as well as ours. The challenge is keeping up with the demand.  There are just a very few of us who do the crocheting—though we welcome all our staff and even provide crochet lessons.  We have a primary “Yarn Angel” here—as well as others—who donate yarn to the Lunch Bunch Ladies.


MVQ Role – “Quilt Angels”:

We will be providing quilts for babies and children of all ages.  Quilts should be quilted not tied