This is What it is All About.

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Pentucket Workshop Quilt for Veterans 2007In 2007, our comfort quilt project was for MA veterans. I would like to share a note I received last week:

“Thank you all for the lovely quilt my husband received while a patient at White River Junction VA hospital. he was always cold and this quilt helped keep him warm. He also loved the picture of your helpers and their smiling faces. Unfortunately he passed away 10/4/09; so now I have this beautiful quilt with me. I look and touch it every day and remember. Again thank you so much,  Sherry Chilafoe, wife of Thomas Chilafoe.”

I had attached this picture on the back so the recipient could see that it was made by children in Nursery school.

I have sent Sherry a note and resolve that we must continue to comfort those who hurt by making our quilts.  Pat Lucey