An Open Letter to all Members

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Dear Fellow Guild members,

I attended a meeting of the Quilt Show Committee on Monday evening. Relatively new members, Elaine Rando and Jane Hamel have graciously undertaken the job of co-chairing. Five other people attended- all were “war veterans” of this guild, having held positions of President, VP, Quilt show, programs, etc. etc, etc!  Not a fresh face was in the group.

Please ask yourself these questions:

  • Where was I?
  • Am I afraid to volunteer?
  • Do I have any ideas worth noting?
  • Will it take a lot of my time?
  • Why should I do it when others will step forward?

Grab a friend and offer your abilities. Fresh ideas and fresh enthusiasm is needed!!!!!!

The guild is only as good as its’ volunteers.  See Elaine or Jane to see what you can do.

You will make new friends and actually enjoy the Guild more!



Pat Lucey

One thought on “An Open Letter to all Members

    Jody pellecchia said:
    October 26, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    Pat I find that the guild is not really open to new and fresh ideas and that the guild members are not very welcoming – very colicky, as I have found most guilds to be – something needs to change if you want new members to become more active, do not have any suggestions but the overall feeling in the hall and at the meetings is not comfortable. Just my 2cents.

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