Kennebunk Report

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About 20 members of MVQ gathered at the Franciscan Guest House for the Spring retreat.

Unfortunately, the organizer, Kathy Pearse was unable to make as her husband got sick.

We worked on large quilts, small quilts, place mats, raffle quilts, tote bags, baby quilts, paper pieced quilts, quilts using fabric from nephew’s boxer shorts, a quilt inspired by paper bags!  Some of us brought our entire sewing room, others had cut out ready to assemble quilts.  It was all inspiring!

Topics of conversations ranged from Zombies to children, husbands, family, movies and of course, the guild.


In this vein, You will be receiving an e-mail containing a questionnaire that might give all members a better insight into what you ,as a member, expect from the guild. It will remain anonymous.

There will be a basket at the rear at the April Meeting.

All opinions are valued. Thank You.