Nashua…a conundrum

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Good day to you.

The conundrum…

I am all over the place with the Fabric Extravaganza event. The best thing is that the quilt does not need to be set up and taken down each day.

Thursday we’re okay with most slots having at least one table sitters. Friday, will be okay. There are two slots filled. I always keep myself free to fill in empty slots. Maggie Rogers and I will be up to do those duties.

I’m  deep in angst about Saturday. There is only one person signed up. She is willing to stay the day, but that’s not okay since the quilt has to come down and brought home. That is not a task for one person.

I have a funeral and can’t go up to help. Or I can skip the funeral of a friend and colleague like I did for last month’s show.

I’m hoping that somebody will step forward at Wednesday’s guild board meeting. Fingers crossed. But part of the problem is that several people are away this week and will not be available or at the meeting.