Virtual Guild Meeting January 21, 2021

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Hello everyone!

Our virtual guild meeting is scheduled for 1/21/2021.  The link to join the Zoom meeting was sent via e-mail.  The meeting starts at 7 pm, but we will begin a little early to give attendees time to socialize.  Take a minute to make sure we see your first and last name on your screen.  You will have the option to change it if it is not complete.  We need this information for attendance. 

Cathy Harnisch will be monitoring the chat room so if you have any questions, post it there and she will respond.  When the meeting starts we ask that everyone mute themselves.  Also, if you are not on the agenda to speak, please turn off your camera. 

We received requests from a number of members saying they could not attend Zoom meetings because they did not have the equipment or were concerned about security.  Others cannot attend on a Thursday evening.  Therefore, starting with tomorrows meeting, we will be live-streaming to our YouTube channel.

Our channel is located on YouTube at “Merrimack Valley Quilters Quilt Guild”.  There is a video on the channel with information about our guild.  It is a good idea to prepare ahead of the meeting by finding the channel.  Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified of future videos.  We will hold recorded guild meetings in our library for a week or two to accommodate those who could not attend live.   It is important to keep in mind that while viewing the YouTube live stream, you will not be able to participate in the meeting.

Here is a link to our YouTube channel:  Merrimack Valley Quilters Quilt Guild – YouTube

Elizabeth Swan, President
Merrimack Valley Quilters Guild