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Dragonfly Quilt

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Do you recognize this quilt?  

Linda Miller, Clinical Director of the High Point Hospice House in Haverhill contacted MVQG because they received this quilt as a gift many years ago and use it for a special ceremony.  The quilt has become worn from use and washing.  They are looking for someone who would be willing to make a replacement quilt.  

Linda writes “The measurements are 7’4”x 6’10” with gradually rounding corners- with a dragon(fly) theme.”  “We do not need it before Christmas. We would prefer a dragon fly theme but something similar is ok.  We would prefer the same dimensions. We would be willing to pay for the quilt or even the materials. We would appreciate anything you can do to assist. Thank you.”

We are looking for a member or group of members that would be willing to take on this project.  If you are interested please contact me.  Thank you for volunteering!

Liz Swan, President


Vice President’s Message

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Last year members came through with 76 quilts for two organizations Community Crossroads and Liberty House. I would like to do the same this year. The first organization is Believe Anything and Everything is Possible which assists patients going through cancer treatment. They are looking for lap size quilts to use during treatment. It was recently brought to my attention that High Pointe House Hospice is in desperate need of lap size or twin size quilts. I would appreciate keeping these groups in your hearts and minds for comfort quilts this year. Ronnie Longwell will be taking care of comfort quilts for me.

Also, it is with great sadness that I have to resign as your Vice President. My husband applied for and accepted a job in Michigan so I will be moving after the first of the year. I have loved being a part of this guild from the first meeting when Liz Swan and Diane Desjardins made this new member feel welcome to becoming friends with so many.   New members can flourish with the help of established members and I am proof of that. I have been happy here and learned so much. My quilting skills have definitely improved. Having said all this the quilt show is a passion of mine and I would like to honor my commitment to work the 2019 show. Ann Hockmeyer is willing to be vice chair and assist Wenonah in my absence but I will come back in September.   I will miss you all.



Art Exibit at NECC

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Hello all, At our last meeting there was an art fundraiser going on in the next room.  It was for an organization called “Believe Anything and Everything is Possible”.  This organization is dedicated to individuals going through cancer treatments.  I have talked to Priscilla Westaway the founder and she would love to have us make quilts for her cause.  Our quilts will be given to cancer patients for comfort during treatment.  Lap size quilts will work well for this project.   We had a total of 76 quilts given to our two organizations last year.  What an awesome group of quilters we are.  More information about this group can be found at  I will have an information sheet available at our next meeting.

Mary Wilkes

A Thank You from Liberty House

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We received a note of thanks from Liberty House. Click here to read it in its entirety.

A Thank You and A Request for pictures

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Hello all!  I hope everyone enjoyed the last meeting.  It was very hectic for me.  We had some technical difficulties that needed to be worked out.  One issue was, my camera did not have a battery in it.  Therefore, I do not have any pictures of the changing of the board, thanking Ann for her service, naming of Quilter of the Year and Show and Tell.  I would like to post some pictures to our Facebook page.  So, if you have pictures would you share them with me?  Please send them to me by email at  Or, if you prefer, and you use Dropbox, share your folder with me.  I would appreciate any and all pictures I can get.

I would like to say a public thank you to all who made this a memorable time for me.  Thank you, Ann Hockmeyer for being a great President and for the pin, bell and beautiful flowers.  Thank you, Nancy Dempsey, for naming me Quilter of the Year.  I was very surprised and humbled by it.  And the orchid is beautiful!  I really love it.  Thanks to Ann Hockmeyer, Betty Hastings and Marianne Karp for their hand in it.

Thank you to all members for electing me as President.  I look forward to your help and support in the coming year.  Thank you to the new Executive Board for stepping up.  I look forward to working with you.  Thank you to the 73 members who made quilts for Kulea.  I am truly overwhelmed by your generosity.  Finally, thank you to the Raffle Quilt committee for a beautiful quilt that, I hope, will make lots of money for the guild.  Can wait to quilt it!

Lots to be thankful for!  Enjoy your summer.  See you in September!

Liz Swan