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Last call for Carrie Zizza’s class which has been changed to Saturday, February 16th due to a scheduling conflict.  Please let me know ASAP if you want to attend “You can have your quilt sandwich and finish it too”.  West Church in Haverhill – Vestry – from 10 to 4.  Cost is $10 for members and we have 3 seats left.

David Sirota’s workshop is almost full for March – paper pieced storm at sea – the no-tears method.  Please contact me ASAP if you want to attend – 3 seats left.  $25 for members.  West Church in Haverhill – Vestry – from 9:30 to 3:30.

Some big DATE CHANGES:  Linda Hahn, New York Beauty Simplified, is coming on April 18th for the lecture and April 20th for the workshop.  It’s Easter weekend!!!!  Saturday may be a tough day for a workshop so I am moving it to Friday, April 19th.  We are paying her well to be here from Florida and if no-one is interested in the workshop because of the holiday, I will cancel it.  We only have 4 signed up right now and the workshop is too expensive if we don’t have a bigger class.  Contact me by February 1st if you would like to sign up.

Allison Wilbur is with us in May presenting a lecture on the quilts of Japan and a workshop on hand and machine Sashiko.  She is lecturing May 23rd and the workshop is scheduled for Saturday, May 25th.  The workshop date remains tentative since it is Memorial Day weekend.   Please let me know by February 1st if you plan on attending and whether Friday or Saturday is better for you.  I will accommodate as many as I can.  Again, I will cancel if we don’t have enough interest because of the holiday since we are also paying good monies for her to travel and lodge here as well.  You can reach me on the email or phone listed above.  Thank you for your understanding.

HEADS UP:  I spoke with Edyta Sitar who will be here in April 2020.  Her workshop fee will be $80 for members – $40 to teach and $40 for her kit.  Non-member total fee will be $90. If we have an overwhelming response, I will request 2 workshops.  The rest of the information is pending her contract this summer, including the workshop.


Ronni Longwell, Programs Chair  603-828-4769

The UFO Auction is coming!

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UFO Auction is quickly approaching! Looking for donations! Please contact Susan Spinelli or myself for a pickup at a location of your choice!  You may also bring items to our January meeting, Liz Swan will be collecting that evening.

Stacey Caruso or 978-914-3907
Susan Spinelli or 978-869-3632

Button Button, Where is your Button?

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For the December MVQ guild meeting, you were given a button to make something that fits into a brown lunch bag. This button will represent a color you have to use in the item you make.  If possible, use the button somewhere, but if you can’t, please safety pin it to the back of the item so the person can see what color you had to work with.  And, if you have lost your button, find another, make something to swap, and bring it with you to the Pot Luck Dinner December 6th.  Be creative!  Some ideas from last year include pincushions, needle cases, aprons, small wall hangings, holiday ornaments, wool items, mug rugs, placemat, and the list goes on.  Last year we probably had 95 % participation and the creativity was awesome. Let’s aim for 100 %!

Followup on Becky Goldsmith

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I’m excited that my quilt picture I sent to Becky Goldsmith made it onto her blog today. Even mentions her trip to MVQ. Check out

Gail Wozniak

Hello Fellow Robins

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I have been asked about doing a Row by Row Round Robin for the coming year. Because we had done this for the past two years, we did not start a new one. However, if there is an interest, we will do it beginning in September.  Please understand that it involves a commitment for Sept thru June. It only involves one row and you have a month to complete it. If there is enough interest (we need at least 12 people) then we will begin in Sept. Four people have already asked to do this project. Jump on board.

Did you see the fabulous quilts from last year? They were shown at the June meeting. The Robins who did it really enjoyed the process and now have some fabulous quilts. It’s a great way to use your stash.

Please send an email to Marianne Karp at if you want to participate. We will send you the rules and ask you to have row 1 completed by the Sept. mtg.

Thanks in advance,

Marianne and Layne

A Thank You and A Request for pictures

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Hello all!  I hope everyone enjoyed the last meeting.  It was very hectic for me.  We had some technical difficulties that needed to be worked out.  One issue was, my camera did not have a battery in it.  Therefore, I do not have any pictures of the changing of the board, thanking Ann for her service, naming of Quilter of the Year and Show and Tell.  I would like to post some pictures to our Facebook page.  So, if you have pictures would you share them with me?  Please send them to me by email at  Or, if you prefer, and you use Dropbox, share your folder with me.  I would appreciate any and all pictures I can get.

I would like to say a public thank you to all who made this a memorable time for me.  Thank you, Ann Hockmeyer for being a great President and for the pin, bell and beautiful flowers.  Thank you, Nancy Dempsey, for naming me Quilter of the Year.  I was very surprised and humbled by it.  And the orchid is beautiful!  I really love it.  Thanks to Ann Hockmeyer, Betty Hastings and Marianne Karp for their hand in it.

Thank you to all members for electing me as President.  I look forward to your help and support in the coming year.  Thank you to the new Executive Board for stepping up.  I look forward to working with you.  Thank you to the 73 members who made quilts for Kulea.  I am truly overwhelmed by your generosity.  Finally, thank you to the Raffle Quilt committee for a beautiful quilt that, I hope, will make lots of money for the guild.  Can wait to quilt it!

Lots to be thankful for!  Enjoy your summer.  See you in September!

Liz Swan

Kulea Childcare Villages

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Thank you, everyone, for your interest in this charity.  We have received 5 quilts so far!  Two members from the Kulea board visited my studio just before Christmas and were awe struck by your talent and generosity.  Please visit their Facebook page to see pictures.

Kulea is coming to MVQG!  Members from the Kulea Childcare Villages team will be at the January 2017 guild meeting.  They will have a table in the lobby so that you can get information about the organization.  Members will be dressed in their Kulea garb and will make a presentation to the guild at the meeting.

As a reminder, we will be making the formal presentation of donated quilts to Kulea at our May 2017 guild meeting.  I understand this is a month early and hope that you have enough time to finish your quilts.  Any size quilt is acceptable; however, the team is respectively asking for twin size quilts (approximately 60” x 86”).  Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you, so much, for your interest in Kulea Childcare Villages!

Elizabeth Swan

Vice President