Thank You

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I want to say a very special “Thank you” to Pattie Gregg, Susan Nelson (new member), Marilyn Dutton, Bev Valle, Angie Cyr and her son Mark.  Together, we had the Estate Sale cleared of fabric and notions and in Angie’s van in about an hour and a half!  The van was filled to the top, the owners were very happy, and the guild received a lot of good “stuff” for the white elephant room at this year’s quilt show.  Angie will have her hands full going through and sorting everything, so if you can, please contact her and ask her how you can help.  Many hands make light work.  Our volunteers are amazing!

Elizabeth Swan, President

Help needed for white elephant

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Ladies, I need your help.  Some of us attended an estate sale a couple of weeks ago at a home where a woman was a quilter and had lots of fabric.  She moved to an assisted care facility.  The family has hired a dumpster to clean out the home to prepare the house for selling.  They will allow our guild to go in and take the rest of the fabric for free, however, we need to do this on Wednesday, July 24th at 9 am.  I know it is very short notice, but if you are able to help fill trash bags and bring them out to Angie’s car or my truck please email me at  Be advised that we will be cleaning out 3 floors of this home and everything is in disarray.  It will be hot, dirty work but will give a real boost to our white elephant room this year.  Please consider helping out.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you!

Quilt Show 2019 Update

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Well folks our show is a little over two months away and it is a “really big show” that takes all of us working together to make it the successful.  It is beautiful and colorful with lots to keep a person intrigued. 

Again, I am encouraging members to display a quilt, take a leap to have it judged, enter a challenge quilt (Rose of Sharon) and a completed class project from the last two years for our special exhibit.  The entry form is on our website and are due Layne Rando by July 31st.  You can contact Layne with any questions you may have.  Her info is on the form, quilt show committee list and the membership list.

Also, if you would like to place an ad or know of someone who would like to place an ad in our booklet please contact Jamie Ruh.  Her info is on the quilt show committee list and the membership list.  The advertising form can be found here.

Mary W

Thank You Card Received

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Allison Wilbur,the May lecturer on hand/machine sashiko and workshop and Japan: Tradition and Inspiration trunk show, sent us a thank you note. Click here to view it.

Estate Sale

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Last week there was an estate sale at a house in Groveland for a woman who was a quilter.  I’ve been informed that there is still “stuff” to be sold.  A handful of members will be joining me on Monday, July 1st st 6:30 pm at the home for a private sale for MVQ members only.  If you wish to join us, contact me at and I will give you the address.  If you wish to come to my home and drive with me, let me know.

Elizabeth Swan, President

Update to E-mail Notifications

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I will be updating the e-mail notification system. At present time there are 2 systems being utilized by this website. One is instantaneous, the other takes 24 hours. I will be discontinuing the 24 hour system.

If you receive a notification of this post today, 6/24/2019, you are all set.

If you receive a notification of this post tomorrow, 6/25/2019, you will need to enter your e-mail in the box for following the website/blog to the right of the screen.

E-mail me at if you have any questions.

Cathy H

40th Anniversary Inspiration

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Lots of red and white quilts shown at guild meeting. Getting a head start on 2020, our 40th anniversary show. Have you started your red and white yet? Can we get 40 or even more?? Any size from mini to bed. You’ve got one year to work on them.