A Note from Membership

We would like to welcome NEW MEMBERS Brenda Haskell, Jennifer Roberts and Lisa Ryer to the Guild!!!  We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Thanks to all of the members who have sent in their membership applications…keep them coming!!!  As an incentive, everyone who sends in their application by September 15th will have their name entered into a drawing for a free membership.

Hope that you are all enjoying your summer and looking forward to seeing you all in September!

Diane Desjardins, Membership Chair
Mary Kendall, Membership Vice Chair

There seems to be some confusion about when members can send in their application for the retreat in November. As always and as in the past, no one can apply for the retreat until a “notification” goes out on the web site announcing the next retreat. The new price sheet and application have been posted but that is NOT the announcement .

We need to have this system because the retreat has became very popular. This is the only fair way for everyone to have a chance to attend. We have had a wait list the last couple of times.

The announcement will be going out soon so watch for it and put your application and check in the mail as soon as you see it.


Just a quick reminder from Membership to ask that you renew your membership to MVQ over the summer so you can be entered into the free membership drawing.  Just print off a copy of the membership application and send it to me with your check.  When you renew ahead of time, it helps the Membership Committee get a great start for September!  Thanks in advance!!!

Diane Desjardins, Membership Chair
Mary Kendall, Membership Vice Chair

Changes Made

In trying to address suggestions made regarding our web presence, Liz Swan and I collaborated on some changes. We have added some color and updated the quilt show page. Other changes/updates are in discussion.

If you find errors, please let me know what the error is and the page it is on.

Any other constructive suggestions are always welcome.

MVQ at Market Days

The raffle quilt will be at Market Days in Newburyport, Yankee Homecoming on Tuesday August 1. Set up is 7:30 to 9:00 and we have a set up crew.
(Linda Buckley and her husband and My Husband and I)

We need people to sell raffle tickets. Can you help?

Here is what we have so far
9 to 10
10 to 12
12 to 2 Susan Sisson
2 to 4
4 to 6
6 to 7 Kim Blanchard

Thank you
Betty Hastings and Judy Naylor
Vice chairs for the MVQ Traveling Raffle Quilt

Please send your entry for the quilt show to Layne Rando by July 15. It doesn’t have to finished by the 15th, just get your MVQ Entry Form 2017 in now so we can have your entry listed in our program book. The form can be downloaded from the blog. Any questions just email Ann Hockmeyer or Diane Kelley.


We have decided to collect for Newborns In Need at our holiday pot luck. So if you want ideas or want to get a head start here is what we will be collecting:

Like to knit or crochet – hats, sweaters, baby Afghans

Want to sew- use flannel to make small receiving blankets, or cottons for bibs, burp cloths etc

Or shop – any kind of baby products like shampoo, lotions, powders. Or –onsies, or any small size outfits.


Hope everyone having a great summer.