Raffle Basket Committee Request

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The Raffle Basket Committee is looking for fat quarters and lottery tickets. We will have paper grocery bags labeled in the hallway at NECC for our meetings. Please speak with Beverly Knapp or Jennifer Roberts if you have questions.

April Newsletter

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The April 19 Newsletter is now online.

Great Retreat!

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Thanks to Phyllis Lauria and friends for organizing the Retreat in Kennebunk.

A great way to be inspired and supported by others!

Get to know your fellow Guild members!7 sisters 1


Raffle Quilt Goes to MQX

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In order to make our journey to MQX work we need some help.

9:00-11:00  must have one more person
11:00-1:00 would like one more person
1:00-3:00   would like one more person
3:00-5:00  must have two people
9:00-11:00  must have one more person
11:00-1:00  would like one or more people
3:00-5:00   must have one more person
9:00-11:00 must have one more
1:00-3:00  would like one or more people
3:00-5:00 must have one more

The reason for two people in opening and closing slots is that the the quilt must be put up and taken down each day. It will be stored in a closet near the display space. If you are in a workshop and can be at our display space to assist with setup or take down, that would work also. The preference for two people at each table slot is to cover if one person is sick or has a change of plans.
Please send a message to judy.naylor@gmail.com. Final details will be forwarded when our roster is complete. New members, please remember we will support you in any way we can. If you’ve not attended MQX, it is a wonderful experience. Make a day of it and have a great time.
Thanks in advance to the 16 people who have already signed up for this adventure.

Next Board Meeting

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Just a reminder, there is a board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 3,2019 at 7 pm in room 201, West Congregational Church, 767 Broadway, Haverhill, MA 01832.

All members are welcome.

Raffle Basket Ideas

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The Raffle Basket Comittee wanted everyone to see a list of last years baskets.  Use this list as a jumping off point for ideas for this years baskets.