Quilt Show Winners

WOW! What a SHOW!!!!

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Congratulations to everyone who played a part in this very terrific show- from Ann and Dianne, Liz, Mary, Heather, Linda, Carrie to all who worked so hard to make this a spectacular yearly event!

Judy Lynn and Ann H for their Best in Shows– so well deserved.

Marianne Karp, the featured quilter of all times!

The kitchen- so ably run and the food was great!

The Raffle Baskets- thanks to Kim and Beverly- Incredible!!

Angie and Barbara- the White Elephant was packed as usual.! Great Job!

Generous donations to the Silent Auction.

Boutique- the place to meet new people!! Love it.

Comfort Quilts- so generous.

Broadstrokes- so talented!

Everywhere you looked- there was Bev Valle- Kitchen, white gloving- doing anything to  help!


NOW- The Question::: Who will take the reigns for next year!


Kudos to the very talented members of MVQ!

Quilt Show 2014 Ribbons Awarded

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Merrimack Valley Quilt Guild 2014 Quilt Show Awards

Best of Show 303 – Pat Lucey

1st Place 103 – Pat Lucey
2nd Place 112 – Stella M. Blunt
3rd Place 110 – Deb Kelso

1st Place 222 – Suzi Calderwood
2nd Place 309 – Signe Kaleel
3rd Place 204 – Marianne Karp

1st Place 305 – Ann Hockmeyer
2nd Place 313 – Patty Doucette
3rd Place 316 – Lin Caiado

1st Place 416 – Susan Mohn
2nd Place 413 – Beverly Vahle
3rd Place 417 – Susan Mohn

1st Place 708 – Elizabeth Swan
2nd Place 603 – Sue Harnden
3rd Place 604 – Sue Harnden

Honorable Mention
1st Place 110- Deb Kelso
2nd Place 113 – Carol Sullivan

Judge’s Choice 324 – Maggie Judd

1st Place 501 – Beverly Vahle

Best Hand Quilting 112 – Stella M. Blunt

Best Domestic Machine Quilting 413 – Beverly Valle

Best Short, Mid, Longarm Machine Quilting 305 – Ann Hockmeyer

Best Original Design 416 – Susan Molin

Best Pieced 313 – Patty Doucette

Best Applique 233 – Gail Wozniak

Best in Color 309 – Signe Kaleel

Chairperson’s Choice, Jane Hamel: 210  Carol Sullivan

Chairperson’s Choice, Layne Rando: 315  Sheila Ramsden

Honorable Mention: 214  Linda Lydecker


1st Place – Carol Robinson
2nd Place – Bev Valle
3rd Place – Pat Lucey

Vendor’s Choice

Adele Scott Design Studio, Orleans, MA: 303 Pat Lucey
Annelle’s Originals and The Victorian Cupboard Sewing Studio: 302 Pat Lucey
Arbonne Health & Wellness: 401 Jeanne Robertson
Bits ‘n Pieces Quilt Shop: 128 Dorothy Tyler
Evergreen Country Primitives Shop and Jacqueline Paton Designs: 323 Maggie Judd
Inspired Layers: 404 Susan Sisson
Mary Rose’s Quilts & Treasures: 313 Patty Doucette
Nashua Sew & Vac: 205 Nancy Karp
Sew Fresh Fabrics: 206 Mary Ginn
Snowbunny Quilts: 713 Carrie Zizza
The Quilted Shamrock Quilt Shop: 312 Joanne Burns
The Red Barn Sewing & Yarn Center: 327 Roseann Ricketson
This and That: 233 Gail Wozniak