Quilt Show

Quilt Show meeting scheduled

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Time to tie up all those loose ends!

  • 6:00 before the April meeting 
  • April 18th
  • Holy Angels Hall


All committees are encouraged to be there.

Quilt Show Meeting Date

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The quilt show meeting is scheduled for Monday October 1, 7:00 PM at the Plaistow Library.

Winner – Quilt Show 2012

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here’s the list of ribbon winners:

Wallhanging Category

1st: Maggie Judd

2nd: Deb Kelso

3rd: Janice Jones

Honorable Mention: Elaine Rando

Small Quilt Category

1st: Carol Robinson

2nd: Lisa McCarthy

3rd: Marianne Nowacki

Large Quilt Category

1st: Janet Lee Santeusanio

2nd: Sue Kiberd

3rd: Cathy Harnisch

Clothing and Accessories Category

1st: Maddie Burke

2nd: Cindy Grenda

Best Machine Quilting Category

1st: Janet Lee Santeusanio

2nd: Cathy Harnisch

3rd: Sue Kiberd quilted by Carrie Zizza

Best Hand Quilting Category

1st: Judy Lynn

2nd: Mary Ginn

3rd: Ildi Tary

Best Representation of Theme

1st: Debbie Mark Sancranti

2nd: Cindy Grenda

3rd: Mary Ginn

Best Applique Category

1st: Mary Ginn

2nd: Maggie Judd

3rd: Carol Sullivan

Best Piecing Category

1st: Elaine Rando

2nd: Lisa McCarthy

3rd: Janet Lee Santeusanio

Best Use of Color

1st: Deb Kelso

2nd: Lisa McCarthy

3rd: Mary Ginn

Judge’s Choice

Maggie Judd

Chairperson’s Award

Mary Jo Ray

 Best of Show

Janet Lee Santeusanio

Antique Quilts Welcomed

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The Quilt Show is opening space to any antique quilt a member might have.

Just let Roselie Berard know and they will be hung on Thursday along with the other quilts.

This will be a nice addition to our Show!

Silent Auction at Quilt Show

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For the third year, MVQ members will be donating small quilts to be sold at the Silent Auction booth at the Quilt Show. Fifty percent of the selling price will go to Women In Transition- our charity of the year. The maker gets the other 50%.

This year the thought was that we might include other creative items along with the quilts.

More to come on this topic as we get closer to the show!

Quilt Show Entry Clarification

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Try not to be confused with the 2 entry forms:

If you want a quilt to be judged, you must check the YES box on the form that will go to Roselie.

Then- you must fill out a separate JUDGING APPLICATION Form to be sent to Mary Ginn- this form tells the judge about your quilt and what category you want it to be judged in.

ONLY JUDGED quilts will have 2 forms- one for the booklet and one for the judge.

If you DON”T want your quilt to be judged- just to be hung in the show- Check the NO box- all the information on this form will be for the sign and the booklet.

Hope this helps.

Click here for forms

Quilt Show 2011 News

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Quilt Show Entry Form now Online.

Copies will be available at the FEBRUARY and MARCH meetings. Deadline is March 21st.

Please enter ANY quilt you think might be finished- it is easier to delete an entry than to add one.

Judging Application Form is now online.

Copies will be at February and March meetings

Please consider having your quilt judged- the evaluation form is quite simple:

Two comment areas-

“Best Features of this Quilt are” and “Areas that most need improvement”.

It is intended to improve your quilt making skills- not to be critical. This can be a great learning tool.

Right now we are asking for ONE quilt per person to be judged. We can have up to 60 quilts- we hope to do that in the first round of applicants.

Keep Quilting!

Mary Ginn and Pat Lucey