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Quilter of the Year – 2013

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Congratulations to Catherine Harnisch who was named MVQ quilter of the year at the June meeting. Last year’s winner, Deb Zukas, had this to say about Cathy.

“It was April of 2008 and I was co-chair of the quilt show. We were in full swing setting up on Thursday and I was approached by a member I didn’t remember having ever seen before, asking me for the pads that go under the stanchions. She was part of the group of volunteers busting out the hanging of the quilts – lots of heavy lifting involved!! I found out she was a relatively new member of the guild and I remember thinking that she wasted no time getting right into the thick of things.
Well, it was to be the first of many times that I would see this member be so willing to give of her time and herself to the guild.
Since then, she has served as Vice-President and Chairman of the Program Committee. She, together with several other members, developed and maintains the guild’s blog. She photographs the Show&Tell quilts at each month’s meeting and displays them on the blog for all to see. She has given a lot of her time to assist others in their duties, such as transporting the raffle quilt to and from various venues, taking the raffle quilt to Mann’s Orchards to sell tickets, picking up and delivering donated items. She took on the herculean task of organizing and storing all the fabrics donated to the guild – and it was a huge Job!
She has combined her love of quilting with another of her passions, Brittany Spaniels, by donating quilts she has made to be raffled off to benefit the New England Brittany Rescue.”

Congratulations and thanks to Cathy for all she has done and continues to do for our guild.

Quilter of the Year 2012

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Each year, as you probably know, MVQ selects from its membership a quilter to be recognized as Quilter of the Year by the guild for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions both in and beyond the quilting world.

As the quilter selected last year, it is my responsibility (with the aid of my trusty advisers) to select this year’s candidate. And tonight is the night that both the torch and the tiara get passed on to that selected member.

This year our honoree has been an MVQ member in good standing for about 8 years. She meets weekly with fellow quilters at the Red Barn to work on a variety of projects and attends their Quilt Retreat Weekend. She’s been active in the guild since first setting foot in the door, but mostly flying under the radar. She has volunteered not only her own time, but that of her entire family. About 3 years ago, she took over the Kitchen duties for our annual quilt show, and has been running a tight ship ever since. Her husband and 2 children are drafted as part of the team each year as well, and do a fantastic job. I can tell you from experience, as a quilt show co-chair, that the Kitchen is one area that runs itself without supervision and without drama. So by now I’m sure you’ve figured it out, and will join me in congratulating the 2012 MVQ Quilter of the Year, Deb Zukas.

Congratulations, Deb, on this well-deserved recognition.





Mary Ginn

2011 Quilter of the Year


Quilter of the Year 2010 – 2011

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This year’s Quilter of the Year is a woman who has been a member for about ten plus years.

She has served the guild in many capacities in a very quiet gentle way.  She has taught classes over the years at a local quilt shop in her area, she has shared her journey with us, she has been the guild treasurer and she has won ribbons for her quilting at many of our guilt shows.  She co-chaired this year’s quilt show and our winner is Mary Ginn.

Quilter of the Year- Suzi Calderwood

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Thank you all so much for the Quilter of the Year award. I am still in awe and shock that I received this. My husband sent an email to one and all, even his facebook friends. I of course will probably not tell anyone but he will tell everyone. Again thank you everyone for the honor.