What a Trip!!!

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MVQ took an incredible trip last night at our Journeys presentation!

Starting with Louise Robitaille and her remarkable quilts that she has made over the last 1o years. She has made 208 quilts in that time- [how many have you made?]

We drove the Pennsylvania Turnpike and pumped our own gas with  Jane Hamel as she related the very beginnings of her quilt life!

Our trip ended with the mystery quilts of Cathy Harnish and the wedding dress she made when she married St. Thomas 27 years ago!


Thank you to these terrific ladies for including us in your Journeys!

One thought on “What a Trip!!!

    Marianne Karp said:
    January 21, 2017 at 8:52 am

    The Journies is
    always the best program. Have you noticed that no one ever leaves early. Three very talented ladies did a wonderful presentation.
    Thank you one and all. Marianne Karp

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