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Wow! What a Journey for MVQ!

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Heather Shields, Mary Wilkes and Terry Palardy took us on their journeys through their quilting life.

Terrific presentations.

Three distinctly different quilters!

Thanks for enriching our guild with your talents!

What a Trip!!!

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MVQ took an incredible trip last night at our Journeys presentation!

Starting with Louise Robitaille and her remarkable quilts that she has made over the last 1o years. She has made 208 quilts in that time- [how many have you made?]

We drove the Pennsylvania Turnpike and pumped our own gas with  Jane Hamel as she related the very beginnings of her quilt life!

Our trip ended with the mystery quilts of Cathy Harnish and the wedding dress she made when she married St. Thomas 27 years ago!


Thank you to these terrific ladies for including us in your Journeys!

Great Journeys

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MVQ was fortunate to be audience to three fantastic quilters as they shared their Quilting Journeys with us at the January meeting.

Diana Doucette- talented family member of Nancy Dempsey and Signe Kahil showed us her quilts with the help of her her husband, Gary- proud owner of the Penguin masterpiece!

Linda Lydecker, from the famous Lydecker quilt family displayed her extraordinary creations- Jinny Beyer’s influence were in several. Beautiful!

Betty Hastings, one of the early MVQ members, took a 30 year break and is now back in full force! Applique master! Crazy Quilter extraordinaire!

We are so fortunate to have these very talented and diverse women in our midst.

Thank you to all three- and thank you to Rosemary Bray for inviting them to share their unique journeys.


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Thank you to three wonderful and diverse quilters: Ann Hockmeyer, Liz Swan and Maddie Burke for a wonderful presentation last night. Journeys shows a part of each person that just seeing them at meetings never is revealed. Quilting is the tie that binds but it shows itself in very creative ways because of the imagination of the individual quilter.