Hello Fellow Robins

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I have been asked about doing a Row by Row Round Robin for the coming year. Because we had done this for the past two years, we did not start a new one. However, if there is an interest, we will do it beginning in September.  Please understand that it involves a commitment for Sept thru June. It only involves one row and you have a month to complete it. If there is enough interest (we need at least 12 people) then we will begin in Sept. Four people have already asked to do this project. Jump on board.

Did you see the fabulous quilts from last year? They were shown at the June meeting. The Robins who did it really enjoyed the process and now have some fabulous quilts. It’s a great way to use your stash.

Please send an email to Marianne Karp at if you want to participate. We will send you the rules and ask you to have row 1 completed by the Sept. mtg.

Thanks in advance,

Marianne and Layne

Round Robin Update

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Greetings fellow quilters, The first set of rules for the Round Robin from Sept to June have been e-mailed to those who signed up. There is still time to join us. Having at least one more would make it easier for the exchange. (I love working with even numbers). If you know that you signed up and didn’t get the e-mail then please contact Marianne Karp or Layne Rando. Last years RR was a blast so we are really looking forward to this year’s quilts.

See you in Sept.

Marianne Karp

UFO Challenge 2014-15

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The rules and entry form for the UFO Challenge for 2014 – 15 can be found on the Projects page.

Mystery Quilt part 7 (the end)

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The last directions for the 2013 – 2014 Mystery Quilt have been added in the Projects section.  Thank you to all who are participating,  Jan Taylor, Carol Sullivan, and Cathy Harnisch

Block Raffle – March 2014

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The information for the next block raffle is available under Projects. The fabric will be available at the Jan meeting, blocks due back at the March meeting. The blocks should measure 12 1/2″ square (12″ finished). The theme is “make me a star!’

Thanks, Ann & Mary Stobbs.

Mystery Quilt part 4

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Part 4 of the Mystery Quilt has been uploaded to the Projects page.  Have fun and Happy New Year!

We Dare You …

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We dare you to make this year’s Mystery Quilt!  Yes, you will have to do some thinking about your quilt design. 

Yes, you might even learn something new. 

We dare you …   We promise it won’t be too hard – how hard can a panel be? 

We promise not to make you do too much work over the holidays. 

We promise to help you over the phone, or at one of the library sew-ins. You might even like it enough to do it again. 

We promise you’ll love your finished quilt. 

Part 2 of the 2013 – 2014 Mystery Quilt instructions have been posted on the Projects page. 

There will be a very few copies available at the meeting for those without computer/printer access.

Want some help?  or join us at one of the library sew-ins.

So, we dare you …   Jan Taylor, Cathy Harnisch and Carol Sullivan