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Raffle Quilt Goes to MQX

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In order to make our journey to MQX work we need some help.

9:00-11:00  must have one more person
11:00-1:00 would like one more person
1:00-3:00   would like one more person
3:00-5:00  must have two people
9:00-11:00  must have one more person
11:00-1:00  would like one or more people
3:00-5:00   must have one more person
9:00-11:00 must have one more
1:00-3:00  would like one or more people
3:00-5:00 must have one more

The reason for two people in opening and closing slots is that the the quilt must be put up and taken down each day. It will be stored in a closet near the display space. If you are in a workshop and can be at our display space to assist with setup or take down, that would work also. The preference for two people at each table slot is to cover if one person is sick or has a change of plans.
Please send a message to judy.naylor@gmail.com. Final details will be forwarded when our roster is complete. New members, please remember we will support you in any way we can. If you’ve not attended MQX, it is a wonderful experience. Make a day of it and have a great time.
Thanks in advance to the 16 people who have already signed up for this adventure.

Travel Quilt Help Needed.

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Do you have available time to volunteer on March 23rd?

We have an opportunity to display our Raffle Quilt at Vesey Park in Groveland. Can you spare some time? We can only do this with member support. Please contact Judy at judy.naylor@gmail.com.

MQX Volunteers Needed

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Three white glovers or admission door sitters (a non-standing job) needed in order to show our raffle quilt at MQX. We need one person for Thursday and two for Saturday.

In addition, we need table sitters for:

Thursday from 3-5 and 5-6

Friday from 11-1, 1-3, 3-5, and 5-6

Saturday from 9-11, 11-1, 1-3, and 3-5.

Please contact bettyhastings74@gmail.com or judy.naylor@gmail.com if you can support our raffle quilt’s travels.

Judy and Betty

Connections Quilt Festival

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Thanks to all who signed up to sit with our quilt at the Connections Quilt Festival. We still need someone willing to white glove on Thursday, October 25th and Saturday, the 27th. If you can fill one of these slots, please contact Judy.naylor@gmail.com.

We would also like more company for Ann Hockmeyer at Amesbury Open Studio Days, Saturday, November 11th from 12:00-2:00 and from 2:00-4:00.

Please and thank you,
Betty and Judy

Amesbury Days Art Expo

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The Amesbury Days Art Expo on June 25th  & 26th in Amesbury city hall where we are hanging our raffle quilt has become a mini quilt show just for MVQ members!

We have an incredible opportunity to promote our guild and advertise our Newburyport Show “Autumn Splendor”. To make this easier due to the short notice I would like to hang all or most of the Presidents Challenge Quilts. Another person who hopes to one day also become a certified judge will judge them and award ribbons. This is a secure place and I’ll be with the quilts both days along with other members.

If you will allow me to bring your quilt to Amesbury Days then you can just leave it with me after our meeting next week. If not, then you may pick your quilt up on Thursday night after the meeting. I will work out the logistics of how to get your quilts back to you as soon as possible and I have others who will help me. Thanks in advance for all your help and cooperation! Let’s have a mini pop up quilt show!


Ann Hockmeyer

Raffle Quilt Ticket Sales – Help Needed

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The raffle quilt will be traveling this summer and we need your help. From Thursday Aug 8- Sun Aug 10 it will be at the Lowell Quilt Festival which is held at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium. It will also be at the World Quilt Show held at the Radisson in Manchester from Thur. Aug 15 to Sun. Aug 18. This is a great opportunity for our guild to raise funds and we need your help with selling tickets and hostessing. The following are the available times and contact info.

Lowell Quilt Festival contact Carol Sullivan casulli@comcast.net
Thurs 8    9:45 – 12      12-2       2-4         4-6
Fri 9                                12-2        2-4        4-6
Sat 10                             12-2        2-4

World Quilt Show contact Terri Gelinas gelina5246@comcast.net
Thur 15   9:45 – 12      12-2       2-4         4-6
Fri 16       9:45 -12       12-2       2-4         4-6
Sat 17       9:45 – 12      12-2       2-4        4-6
Sun 18      9:45 – 12     12-2        2-4

This is a great opportunity to see some wonderful quilts, do a little shopping and help your guild.

Raffle Quilt Has Profitable Visit to Fabric Place Basement

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Thanks to the great sales skills of Jan Taylor and the help of her support staff, Cathy Harnisch, Gloria Zacharias, Ann Stobbs and Carol Sullivan, our raffle quilt had a successful visit to Fabric Place Basement last Saturday and Sunday.  Over the two days we made a total of $259.00.

If you haven’t been to Fabric Place Basement in Natick MA yet, I recommend that you plan a visit.  There are fabrics of all types from clothing to home dec and lace to leather and of course lots of quilting fabrics including batiks.  For the knitters and crocheters there is also a yarn area.  Peter, the owner, and his staff are friendly and helpful.  Check their website www.fabricplacebasement for information, directions and coupons.