Another Great MVQ Holiday Gathering

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Thanks to the committee for their help in preparing for last night. The  Evening had as always,  a wonderful assortment of foods, 18  gift certificate prizes, with Joanne Burns winning the grand prize of a giant jar of buttons !!!

Lots of amazing items made for the button swap were revealed as we opened for all to see.

And again thanks for the TEN big boxes of donated items.  As always this group does a wonderful job when it comes to charity.  Our children’s items will go to the Pettingil House  in Salisbury for those in need. And  adult items are going to the East Kingston Library today, who were doing a drive for homeless veterans in the state. So both New Hampshire and Massachusetts will benefit by our generous donations

And thanks to Phyllis Laurie for stepping up to chair next year.  Can’t wait to see what she and her committee have in store for us.

Happy Holidays and Happy stitching to all.  And for those who couldn’t make it last night you were missed !

Gail Wozniak