UFO Auction

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The UFO Auction Committee will be collecting items at the guild meeting this Thursday, January23rd. 

Liz’s husband, John, will be in the parking lot at NECC to help you get your items from your vehicle and into his truck.  John has a large white truck with a waterproof cap and will be there to help you from 6 – 7:30 pm.  No need to lug items into NECC. 

It would be wonderful if you could bring your items to the guild meeting.  But fear not!  If that is not possible for you, the committee will be happy to come to you and collect them. 

The committee is looking for volunteers for the sorting day and the set up day.  More information is in the newsletter.  There will be a table in the Atrium at the guild meeting on Thursday to ask questions and sign up to volunteer. 

Any questions, or to make arrangements for pick up can go to  Stacey Caruso:  staccaru@gmail.com  or  978-914-3907
Sue Spinelli:   susan@spinelli.us  or  978-869-3632