UFO Auction

2015 UFO Auction

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This is a list of the items that will be in the live auction at UFO Auction on Thursday. Members have donated some really beautiful things which have made this year’s UFO Auction a not-to-be-missed event. Don’t forget to bring plenty of cash and/or your check book. Come to the meeting, bid high and bid often!

Carrie Zizza and Signe Kaleel


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Reminder to everyone that the next meeting is the UFO Auction.  There will be tons of stuff to bid on during the auction and plenty of  silent auction goodies as well.  So bring plenty of cash or your check book.

If you have a friend who is not a member bring him or her along.  The $5 guest fee will be waved for the evening.

Having been a part of sorting some of the auction stuff together, it should be a great night!

UFO Auction

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At our February meeting we will have our annual and highly anticipated auction. We have tons of beautiful fabric (well maybe 600 lbs)! We need more unfinished tops, blocks, and notions. Check your cubbies, boxes, and closets. Bring your donations to the guild meeting this week. This is the last call for donations; none will be accepted on the night of the auction. If you have miscellaneous decorator fabrics or magazines, save them for the White Elephant table at the quilt show. Any questions? email to Marianne, manowacki@verizon.net

UFO Auction in February

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The “Unfinished Object” auction will be held at the February meeting.

This is a fun night and a major fundraiser for MVQ.

If you are planning to donate a large item to the bring it UFO Auction, please DO NOT to the January Meeting. Instead, tell me what the item is, and I will include it in the list of things for the Auction. Then, DO bring it to the February Meeting (UFO Auction night).

  • Please hold on to books and magazines that you might want to donate. I will be accepting them AFTER the UFO Auction for the Boutique. Better yet, bring them directly to the Quilt Show Set up Day. They are better suited for that venue. Thank you!

Maggie Judd

Successful UFO Auction!

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Thanks to Ildi Tary and her helpers, over $2000 was netted at the UFO auction this year. It appears to be a record for the books!

Ildi will pass the excess “treasures” along to Angie Cyr for the White Elephant Table at the Quilt Show- so watch for the bargains.

Unfinished Fabric Obsessions-UFO Auction

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Lyn Grenier writes:

One month after joining the Guild, 5 years ago, I found myself caught up in the bidding frenzy that occurs every February at the UFO auction. Lots of cool, gotta-have-it stuff!!! YES, good stuff. One particular item beckoned me….a huge box filled with solid colored, polyester and cotton, twill weight fabric; EVERY color of the rainbow, but mainly BRIGHTS! Just Gorgeous I think, no one will want them, its polyester! Being inexperienced, I failed to recognize the gusto, the fevered pitch, the determination of MVQ quilters and I quickly lost the bidding war. I suffered massive bidder remorse, depression, and then was obsessed about my loss. I approached the “winner” to ask to buy her out…..and luck was with me as she quickly said “let’s split it”. And so began the next journey of this FABULOUS fabric which has been sitting in my sewing room since that day, five years ago. Stop me if this story sounds familar.

We all know, you can never have enough fabric, so when inspiration struck this summer …I was READY! I attacked those polyester and cotton textiles with a vengeance. I made: 2 personalized “coloring book” tote bags for the great nephews birthdays, they held all of their gifts and goodies; 16 tote bags to hold personal care items for a battered woman’s shelter (a few great accent fabrics added more pizzazz); 2 larger tote bags for shopping green instead of choosing “paper or plastic”; 3 – 17″ Nancy Crow style pillows for the cabin of our sail boat, highly washable; 2 ditty bags to hold wallets, keys, cell phones and items we didn’t want to lose overboard; 2 large ditty bags for containing spare oak mast wedges and a collection of miscellaneous engine parts; and 4 “superperson” capes for the same 2 great nephews and their super friends.

Phew, I’m done, $5 well spent, and a terrific bargain among many great UFO bargains! While sharing this story I just realized, there are bits and pieces of fabric remaining…..absolutely TOO good to toss….Perhaps my chocolate labrador would like a new dog bed! So I’m back to stitching like mad and thinking maybe the rest of this FABULOUS fabric will show up at this years UFO auction on February 18th ….you know, it is possible. ——————————————————————————–